RN License via a CC?

  1. I have been studying my options on schooling and after a short time now.. I am thinking about going for an Associates Degree in Nursing via my local Community College. The price is relativley small for the two years & I would be able to continue to work and keep income coming in as well as continuing to gain experience.

    The Nursing program at this particular Comminuty College is tough to be accpeted into. I assume my chances my be much higher if I take some of the classes before applying which they state are support courses and get them out of the way so I can focus on the basics. I was thinking I might get the two electives out of the way as well. Possibly take some extra apporved elective courses which I would use as well so I could graduate with those extra credits.

    They also offer, for those interested, provisional admission to OHSU in Oregon, for a Bachelor's degree. Not sure I would want to do this but it is something I would like to explore for sure. The money might be tough in that particular program. I certaintly can afford the $2,000 or so (per year) amount for the AD.

    This is defintly not 'set in stone' but it is an option I am seriously looking at.

    I was just curious if there are jobs avalible for RN's with only an Associates Degree? Does anyone here have an AD AND a good job? Could I get a job at an Nursing Home as well as possibly working as an RN at a Hospital? Basically, what is your opinon on taking this route?

    These are the classes there are showing as Pre-Req's:
    Introductory Microbiology
    Human Anatomy/Physiology 1
    Human Anatomy/Physiology 2
    Human Anatomy/Physiology 3
    English Composition
    Meet Computer Literacy Req's.
    (No math!!!)

    In the first year there is only one Math class(Math for Health Care proffesionals),two Pharmacology classes,Three Nursing classes with three Clincal/Labs. The second year is strictly focused towards the Nursing aspects.

    Any opinons/advice or otherwise would be Greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks alot!

    PS - Sorry for the rambling nature of this post. I am a little excited!
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  3. by   MelRN13
    I just graduated from a CC with an ADN, and was offered a positon in a CCU of a large hospital before I even graduated. Not to sound rude, but we've explored this topic numerous times. If you use the search button on the upper right-hand side of the screen, you may be able to find more answers to your question.
  4. by   FutureRNMichael
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I apologize greatly. I am fairly new here so I am still getting the hang of things.

    What would you suggest I search under/for???
  5. by   MelRN13
    I pm'd you.
  6. by   GAstudent
    Just because you have your ADN or BSN does not make a difference in pay. The only thing that the BSN is good for is if you want to go further (such as you said before Nurse Practictioner). But if money is a big thing then just take the ADN program at your local community college, that way the classes are smaller and you should have a better chance at a higher GPA then when you go to work as an RN with your ADN then say you work in a hospital, they will have a tuition reimbursement and they will help you pay for school or will pay for your school if you sign a contract, so that you can then go back and get your BSN. When you have your ADN and want your BSN there is a GATEWAY program that colleges have so that you can bypass many of the classes required for someone without the degree yet. So if you have a ADN from a local community college then you can then work as an RN in ICU (just say that) and they (they hosptial) will help you pay for your GATEWAY program for your BSN. Hope this helps. What is your area university? Do they have a BSN program? IF so pm me the name of it and I will look and see if they have a GATEWAY program and I will PM it back to you.
  7. by   cna on her way
    Most floor nurses are associate nurses. BSN is wonderful if you plan to either further your education or want to go into management. Yes you can work in a nursing home or a hospital or home health or a doctors office,ect.. Good luck!
  8. by   P_RN
    Either way best wishes in meeting your goals.
  9. by   Edward,IL
    This plan sounds okay to me. The ADN is the minimal preparation to be able to take the NCLEX exam. 60% of RN's in this country have a Diploma from a hospital based program or the ADN.
    The ADN will get your foot in the door for employment in hospitals. You can sure gain alot of valuable learning experiences this way.
    At your young age don't stop with school until you have at least a masters degree.
    Keep your eye on the future, on your next degree. This is important when you transfer from CC to OHSU. Many associate degree programs provide only minimal course content to complete there program.
    Classes labeled "Math for nurses", "chemistry for nurses", "physics for nurses" often times do not have the number of hours of credit or level of difficulty to be accepted for credit for transfer into the BSN program and necessitate that you retake them.
    What I did when I was an ADN student was look at the requirements for the BSN program first and took those classes that would transfer. Other students were taking the watered-down chemistry but I took REAL chem. and REAL college Algebra.
    Also, be aware that science classes taken > 5 years prior to transferring will be considered obsolete and have to be retaken.
    The CC can be an excellent place to start. Take all of the support classes you can, even though they may only count as liberal electives when you transfer, a wealth of knowledge can be gleaned from extra nutrition classes, child development, psychology, sociology, statistics, literature and writing, arts. Just my opinion. Edward, IL
  10. by   joyrochelle
    Another good thing to think of is when you schedule your science courses ( micro and chem, etc) make sure that if you have ANY inkling to go back for your advanced degree, that you take all classes with LAB components if given the option not to....

    all the science prereq's for degrees above an associates require it, so if you are at least THINKING of cont with school, make sure u have labs!

    Good luck!!

    ---Joy, RN (ADN, but not for long!!!)
  11. by   2banurse
    FutureRNMichael, if the CC is as competitive as you mention, I think you most definitely will need to take care of your prereqs ahead of time. Many colleges, such as mine, go purely on accepting those students that have completed as much as the prereqs and general courses as possible.

    I realize that Math isn't a favorite of many students, do yourself a favor and take the course. If you do want to go further for your BSN and MSN, you will most likely need to take it.