RN job outlook in South Florida

  1. I was so sure I was going to have an lpn job when I graduated because of my family ties.Pfft! My original plan was to get my PN license and comfortably (financially) continue to get my bachelors, my masters whatever my little heart desired.. Now going on 3 months I believe since I've been licensed.. no interviews, no calls, I applied everywhere within a 15mile radius of my home. My family says things are tight in their facilities right now so I dont know if I should just continue to get my BSN and hope they will have an open spot for me or if I should get into an lpn-rn track. Preferably I'd go bsn but I want to better provide for myself. So any new grads in FL can you weigh in on your job hunting experience? Are facilities hiring more bsn's than asn's? I just don't want to go through yet another nursing program and not be able to find any work.
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  3. by   germanshep
    I heard FL does not differentiate between an ASN vs the BSN. Education never hurts, especially if your future facility becomes a magnet hospital. So I say go for it now because it is easier to go back when you do not have as many commitments.

    Plus, if you go back to school you might make more job connections Good luck!
  4. by   bluemartian
    Market here is terrible for new and novice nurses, there are people I have spoken to who have gone onto private duty due to a large older population. You may need to diversify your focus to group homes as there are plenty for the developmentally disabled. There are plenty of doctors offices to consider. Good Luck
  5. by   Sniper RN
    Maybe go more than 15 miles?