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Just curious what you think of this. I saw a job posting at work yesterday for a position as a clinical instructor for ADN program in my area. All they want is a willing RN/BSN with recent acute care... Read More

  1. by   Q.
    That was an excellent post.

  2. by   Neon8
    In my BSN program, I found out during the last quarter that the teachers at that state university were not required to have teaching credentials, just a master's degree. Don't get me wrong, there were many excellent teachers, but there were some awful ones also.
  3. by   woundnurse
    Thank you all for the excellent replies, especially Renee. As you said it is difficult to determine what makes a great teacher, nurse etc. I guess a love for your job and a determination to do the best you can do. As a 2nd career, late in life nurse I have met other nurses that were terrific and others that should have left the profession a long time ago. My situation is a little different in that I only plan to teach in my area of expertise ... the idea of getting teaching credentials is a good one, as I think there are ways to try to be more effective. I do remember in my class (I being the quiet one) one student who made a lot of "noise" and always got to take first chance at clinicals. The quieter students were given less attention -- something I will always be aware of.
    Also, now when I give wound classes, I sometimes have students write questions down without giving their name. This way they are sometimes more inclined to ask questions and when they see the question is not ridiculed are more likely to ask a question out loud.
    Again Thank you so much for your replies.
  4. by   semstr
    You're welcome, Cory (hey I've got an aunt called Corrie, is yours from Corina too?)
    And Susy, thanks for the compliment, it is just the way I try to work everyday.
    Take care, Renee
  5. by   woundnurse
    Renee, Actually my full name is Corinne .... They only person who calls me that is my mom... Cory seems to fit.
    Thanks again
  6. by   Polrbaer
    One should not judge a person on lack of teaching experience vs clinical experience. Some people can teach or share knowledge naturally. I would would rather take a seasoned veteran over a textbook instructor any time. Pearls of Wisdom are more valuable than some textbooks written by authors that some are leading gurus in the industry while others are just unknown.