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A friend I graduated with recently retired after devoting 32 years to a local hospital in the OR. Her gift on her retirement: a small folding canvass chair also a year long fight to get 60% of the... Read More

  1. by   casualjim
    [QUOTE=ArmyMSN]Yeah, but your retirement pay for the rest of your life ain't bad. And the medal - some soldiers are proud to earn that.

    Trust me I'm proud to get it, and earn it I did. Medic was a "sideline" for me in the service. I was pretty much a trigger puller. 21 years, 2 wars, and 3 "armed contigencies" and every month Uncle sends me almost to the penny just enough to pay my mortgage and cable bill. That takes a hugh load off my shoulders while I'm in school. Would I do it again? I have no idea. My daughter was 2 months old when I first met her, and she was 3 before I ever saw her open a birthday present or christmas present. That stings. I learned a lot though.
    Anyway this thread was about retirement recognition, not so much the pay.
    Back on topic people
  2. by   P_RN
    After 22 years I got a Seiko with a dead battery and a lawsuit from the facility that didn't want to pay me my retirement....Cost me $7 for a battery and $10 for a new band. Won the lawsuit though...tee hee.
  3. by   buddiage
    Quote from rck213

    Any wonder there is no loyalty or longevity left in nursing?
    What a wonderful example for the new nurses, stick it out here and you get "a chair" to collapse in after all the years of bodily abuse!
    From the sounds of it, I'll be asking for a casket.
  4. by   joannep
    NRSKarenRN, Thank you for those brilliant ideas, I have a 63 year old nurse on my unit who pulls her weight and then some and I agree, we should be celebrating their achievements.