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  1. Hello to all nurses!
    I`ve just started to find job in US(I am foreign educated nurse).And have no idea what I should include in my resume,`couse never did it before..
    I`ve been working in ICU/CCU - 4 years,
    ER - 2 years...What does resume should include ??What details?

    I would appriciate any tips, recommendations,advices concerning finding job and resume..

    Thank you in advance for yours kindly shared expirience.
    Have an easy call

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  3. by   fiestynurse
    Man, can I ever help you here, since I have sent out a few billion resumes over the last 6 months. (O.K. I'm exaggerating a little)
    First of all, you want it to look as professional as possible. Proper grammar, spelling, no typos, etc. Keep it simple. No fancy Fonts or colored paper. It should have a certain flow to it and be easy to read. My resume starts out with a heading at the top, with my name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Then I have a series of headings, that are capitalized and bold. The first heading is EDUCATION. I list college degrees and certifications in chronological order. I state degree earned, year of completion, and school attended. Then I have a heading called SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS. Here I have a little six sentence paragraph explaining my key areas of expertise, special skills, and strengths.
    The next heading is PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. This lists my work experience in chronological order, starting with my last position held. I state dates I worked there, name of organization, title held. Then, I have a brief description of job duties, committee involvement, projects that I participated in, any cross-training to other units, leadership experience (charge, team leader) I end that section with my licensure, which includes states that I am licensed in and licensure number. The next heading is PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, where I list nursing organizations that I belong to. Then, I have a heading for AWARDS, where I list career awards that I have been given. Then, I list ARTICLES and PUBLICATIONS, where I list in chronological order every nursing or health care related article that I have written over the years.
    Now, I have been a nurse for over 20 years and I recently obtained my law degree, so my resume probably reads a little different than someone who is a few years out of school. You may want to emphasize different areas. If you are within five years out of school, you will want to mention academic honors, deans list, etc. I use to mention that I belonged to a sorority and held an office and graduated at the top of my class in nursing school, but now I eliminate that. It just isn't important anymore. References should be typed on a separate sheet of paper and be handed to the interviewer when asked for. Nobody puts "references available upon request" at the bottom of their resume anymore-it's assumed. In general, your resume should be well thought out. A well written resume can get your foot in the door. Good Luck!!
  4. by   hoolahan
    I have also sent a quite a few resumes. I do mine slightly different from fiesty nurse. I have the education heading, then employment history from present to oldest, then certifications, here I put BLS, ACLS, CCRN, whatever, then acheievements, where I have my article I published, and my employee of the month award listed.

    Howevere as far as qualifications, I save that for my cover letter. This way I can re-use pages 2&3 over and over, just make a new cover letter for each job I want.

    For the letter, first paragraph is where I saw the job, ("I am writing to submit my resume for the part-time case management position, as seen in The Daily Times..." Then I use the specific qualifications in that little ad to show how I am the best person for that job. If they say they want computer literate, I emphasize that, if the say they want leadership, I emphasize the ways I have been a leader or supervisor ("In my current position at XYZ Home Health, as the Weekend Supervisor, I am responsible for the staffing, scheduling and triage of cases for the weekend, as well as supervising all nursing and assistant personnel..." Blah blah blah. Take what they want, and list the positions you have held and how they would reflect your experience with what they want. I try to name a brief example for each qualification they want. Next paragraph, education. Name what you have, any special courses which make you more qulaified for that job, and if appropo, your future plans for education, shows your motivation. Last paragraph, they like to see a range of what salary you expect. This is probably the most important part, because if you go to high, your resume will be filed under "GC" (Garbage can" as they laugh hysterically. I usually say what I make now, if I expect to make more, or want more, or I KNOW I am very qualified for the job, then say "I am hoping to at least match, if not better that figure, but salary is negotible. They may have dynomite benefits that are more important to you. For me, tuition reimbursement is VERY important, so I would be willing to go under my current salary. JUst be sire you don't box yourself in to something they can never match. Come on here and ask what nurses doing the same thing in that area should expect, so you will have a better idea of what to ask for. The last sentence of this paragraph I say, "I can be reached at the above phone number for an interview at your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you." My numbers are always on the top of a typical letter style format.
  5. by   fiestynurse
    Oh yes, as hoolihan has mentioned, every resume should be accompanied by a cover letter. Also, I have seen people list their work experience first and then their education. It depends on what your strong points are and what type of position you are shooting for. And it's O.K. to Fax or
    e-mail your resumes, you don't have to use snail mail. Hope all this helps!
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Several articles available at the Nursing Spectrum website under career management.
    Here is one link:

    My resume:
    1. Name, address, phone #'s, license #
    2. Career objective- one or two lines max.
    3. Work experience- latest position first. Include any committee involvment.
    4. Education
    5. Certifications
    6. Awards
    7. Community activities- show well roundness.

    Must include cover letter, why choosing this facility for work.
    Would place publications before awards, but not published yet.

    Good luck.
  7. by   Doey
    Here are some sites that may help you out:
  8. by   nursesrthebest
    Go somewhere like Office Depot. They will have software programs on resume's.
  9. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    Here is a copy of my resume and let me tell you, I get a LOT of calls on this. I deleted everything that's too personal. I use word perfect for my resumes.

    Cover Letter ( I don't write this though)

    Name & Title
    Phone #
    CNA #
    E-Mail Address

    MAY 23, 2001


    I am currently interested in a Full Time position on the 3:00-
    11:00 shift.

    If you are seeking a genuinely motivated individual, who maintains an insatiable desire to learn; as well as a strong ability to work independently and/or as part of a team; I am certain I can meet your needs.

    Based on my past experience working in Nursing Homes as a
    Nurses Aide prior to need for Certification, I was many times working as the "Responsible Person" on duty. I have recently become Certified through the American Red Cross Of Massachusetts and anticipate attending Nursing School in the Fall and can offer you 100% commitment & dedication to your patients.

    Please feel free to call me for an interview at a time mutually
    convenient to discuss how I may be of service to your facility.


    Sheryl CNA

    Page 2.

    Phone #
    CNA #
    E-Mail Address


    Full Time evening position with opportunity for personal and professional growth.


    Past experience working in Nursing Homes and Temp. Agency as a Nurses Aide and "Responsible Person" in addition to successfully preserving my family and raising six Children.

    1. Business Name
    Nurses Aide 1983-1984
    Assigned to different Nursing Homes to care for the elderly & disabled.

    2. Business Name
    Nurses Aide & Responsible Person on duty 1984-1989
    Caring for the elderly & disabled. Assigned to "Responsible Person" 11-7 shift when no Nurse was on Duty.

    3. Business Name
    Nurses Aide & Responsible Person on duty 1986-1987
    Caring for the elderly & disabled. Assigned to "Responsible Person" 11-7 shift when no Nurse was on Duty.

    4. Current Employer

    Page 3.

    Phone #
    CNA #
    E-Mail Address


    1. American Red Cross 786 Main St Melrose Ma 02176
    MAY 2001
    Certified Nurses Aide in Massachusetts
    Successfully completed the written & skills exam required.

    2. S.C.A.L.E. Holland Street Somerville Ma 02144
    June 1985

    3. Somerville High School Highland Avenue Somerville Ma 02143


    CNA #

    Additional Skills

    Able to manage with strong spousal support a household with six Children.


    Gain health care experience for a career in Nursing. Strong desire for Maternity, Labor & Delivery.

    References &Credentials

    Available upon request



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  10. by   albumin
    Thank you VERY much to ALL , who spent valuable time for answer my questions !
    I really appriciate your help.All yours suggestions are extremly usful for me.
    Thanks a lot.
    By the way, anybody know where I can find more resume examples(especially nursing ones)??