Relocating Canada to Us

  1. I am a 42yr old single mom with a 15 yr old daughter. Considering relocating to N.Carolina (Duke to be specific). Would appreciate any input, positive and negative. Any Canadian nurses that have made the jump? Also, I was told that N.Carolina accepts the Cdn. license ie no need for NCLEX?

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  3. by   lalaxton

    Hi neuro,

    I am a Canadian nurse who has been in the US for the last 11 years. I spent 7 of them in Charlotte, NC. Yes NC, has reciprocity with Canada so you wont have to write the NCLEX. Duke has a good reputation and you should enjoy working there. There are some differences in the health care systems that you quickly get used to ( no union for one). You will probably meet several Canadian nurses there, since 1989 it has been easy for Canadian RN's to cross the border and I worked with several in Charlotte.

    My only concern for you is your 15 year old daughter. Make sure you investigate high schools thoroughly as you may find that the quality of high school education may be different than you are used to. I am considering moving back to Canada so that my 13 year old son will be able to go to a better high school in Canada and also be able to get a more affordable shot at a University education there.

    Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.. lalaxton
  4. by   canoehead
    You know that you don't need to relocate so far from home, hospitals in Maine are in need of nurses too in almost all specialties. I moved from Nova Scotia to Maine 4 years ago and have been so pleased with the difference in the system, and the difference in pay. It takes me only a days drive to get back home if I need to. MAine also has reciprocity for your RN license.

    Email if you like
  5. by   bunky
    Hi from a fellow canuck Neuro6. I made the move 5 yrs ago from Ontario to Texas due to lack of jobs back home. Why are you wanting to relocate? That's the big question, and when you answer that, we can all provide you with the pros and cons of such a move. If it's for better working conditions, it's bad all over. If it's better wages, realize that you will make less per hour and pay somewhere around $110 per pay and upwards for some really lousy health insurance and will still have out of pocket expenses on top of that insurance premium. Yes the taxes are considerably less but I have learned that you get a LOT more from the Gov't in Canada for your tax dollars. Food and clothing for the most part is much cheaper here, but the H&H bills are really high in this part of the US. Dollar for dollar considering the exchange rate, housing is about the same. Gas for your car is much cheaper here.

    Answer why you feel that moving to the US would be a good idea and I can get more specific.
  6. by   lalaxton
    I agree with Bunky!

    New Hampshire, Ohio, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania also have reciprocity with Canada.