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  1. by   nursegoodguy
    The reason I became a nurse was to help people and because I WANTED to know what to do in an emergency! OrthoNutter, wow... you were right there with me! Isn't it a bit like you are dreaming when these things happen... I know it is for me! Like I can't believe what I am hearing??? Then you get no cooperation with anyone and you are completely alone in the situation...
  2. by   micro what does absence of pulse, respirations and no responsiveness mean for over a minute+- mean anyway, besides that 'look'.........
    LIKE INITIATE THE ABC'S OF CPR.........duh.........

    but I know I am an Idealist.........

    of course, kidding.....

    OrthoNutter and nursegoodguy.........thank goodness for you and such as you...........

    maybe it will catch on.........

  3. by   RNforLongTime
    Wow, and it's amazing that people who say such things like"we don't do CPR on dead people" ever graduated from college, let alone passed the NCLEX! Ya gotta wonder about their common sense--they obviously don't have any.

    Day shift nurse needs to be spoken to about running around like an idiot and blaming the night shift nurse--IN FRONT OF THE OTHER RESIDENTS! Night Shift Nurse better get a good lawyer. The nurse who didn't start CPR should be reported to the State Board of Nursing.

    Good luck with this mess, I'll say a prayer for you.
  4. by   micro
    whoever was the nurse that was there that noticed the absence of pulse, respirations and any responsiveness/brain activity upon the first assessment.............

    ????????? and :-( (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  5. by   Shandy12
    Refusing to do CPR is just not acceptable, and if that nurse can't handle performing this act, she should re-evaluate what she is doing in the profession. Too weird.

  6. by   micro
    Originally posted by Shandy12
    Refusing to do CPR is just not acceptable, and if that nurse can't handle performing this act, she should re-evaluate what she is doing in the profession. Too weird.

  7. by   OrthoNutter
    Uh huh...I definitely feel for you. It's one of the main reasons why I'm leaving nursing as soon as I've finished my present degree.

    I just can't deal with terminal stupidity anymore...both from the patients and some of the staff!
  8. by   BrianWhitfield
    In long-term care facility in Huntsville Alabama, 72 yo woman with Parkinson's disease. Otherwise healthy and fully alert. Shortly after lunch begins to complain to the CNA's about chest pain. Three different CNA's reported situation to duty RN. RN states she is too busy to check on her. At 3:00, resident begins screaming about severe chest pain and crying out for help. CNA's immediately run to RN and literally beg her to check on patient. The RN refused. After 3 hours of horrible pain and screaming for help, resident went into full arrest. CNA's notified RN and when she didn't respond after several minutes the CNA's went to front of facility and got a LPN to come down. LPN began CPR and told RN to help with CPR. RN stated "I don't know how....". EMTs arrive a few minutes later and had to show RN how to use ambu bag and perform CPR. Of course the resident was later pronounced at the ER. The RN was terminated but still has a valid license and is employed by another facility. Criminal negligence charges are pending against RN.

    The resident who suffered needlessly was my mother.

  9. by   Furball
    My heavens Brian...that "nurse" MURDERED your Mother! I am very sorry for you and your family. This nurse deserves jail time.
  10. by   BrianWhitfield
    Thanks for the note Furball. Needless to say, I have been having a hard time dealing with this. It's been 8 months, but I still have nightmares every night.

    I was particularly bad because I had a co-dependancy thing going with my mother. I had been taking care of her since she was 50yo. I was the only family member left and was terribly devoted to making sure she was safe and happy. When it got to where I could no longer provide her the daily care she needed due to my job's travel requirements, I had not choice but put her in a nursing home. Dammit!!! I thought she was safe.....

    An interesting note: The Alabama department of public health wrote the nursing home up for medicaid violations related to this. The nursing home formally responded that they had resolved the situation by terminating the RN and "The resident, Mrs. xxxxxx, has been transferred from the facility". They neglected to mention that Mrs. xxxxx (Mom) was cold when she was tranferred.
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  11. by   CATHYW
    Oh-my-God, Brian! If I've ever heard of a case of negligence, this is it! Actually, a lot of words come cramming into my head that would cover this, but this is a decent forum. I am with the others who feel she deserves criminal prosecution. Unfortunately, I am afraid I would ask that something be done about the 3 CRNA's. Didn't ANYBODY know how to call 911? Even if the RN had just done that when your mother first began to complain, it would have at least been something! One question-was your Mom a full code?
  12. by   catlady
    I would not blame the CNAs. They're not trained for emergencies, and they did the right thing by notifying the nurse, whose responsibility it was. When I worked LTC, the first thing the ambulance dispatcher asked when you called 911 is, "Has the resident been assessed by a nurse or a doctor?" That would leave out the CNAs calling, and they certainly wouldn't be able to answer the dispatcher's other questions. The RN, though, ought to have a warm spot in Hades waiting for her....if she couldn't get to the resident right away, she should have had the DNS or another manager take a look--but too busy for *three hours*????
  13. by   Huganurse
    Brian, I'm so sorry to hear about what has happened to your Mom. It is so very horrendous. I can't believe a nurse would allow this to happen. However, I do wonder, what caused the nurse to react this way? It's just not a nurses way to allow something like this to happen. Brian, please don't think I'm taking the nurses side but there is another side of this story. I'd love to hear the nurses side. I wonder if these CNA's had cried wolf so many times that the nurse had no choice but to ignore them in order to get her work done. I wonder if they truely let the nurse in on the seriousness of the problem. I wonder how many patients the nurse had responsability over? I'm sure you have gotten your information 2nd hand and from what you posted it sounds like the CNA's may be the ones who are doing the telling. If this occurred exactly as you know it to have, then yes the nurse deserves what ever punishment she gets and then some. All RN's know how to do CPR. This whole situation just doesn't make since to me. Btw, who filed the criminal charges?