1. Hi's my first time posting here but I'm in need of some help. I'm a third year nursing student and our first assignment of the Development of Self - Purposeful Relationships course is to write a reflective journal. I need some inspiration in order to answer a few of the questions, perhaps someone here can help.
    The questions are:

    1. What assumptions did you have about nursing prior to entering the field? How have they changed?

    2. How do you see yourself as a professional nurse?

    3. What is most important and unique part of being a nurse?

    4. What are your hopes and dreams for nursing?

    5. What values and beliefs will guide your path in nursing?

    Although these questions are a personal reflection, I'm not sure where to begin with them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   live4today
    Hello krazykate! Welcome to Allnurses! I noticed your post hadn't been responded to as yet, so wanted to drop in and say "hello" and to welcome you so you wouldn't feel ignored or anything. Please stay around....others will come! :kiss

    In answer to your questions, I'll attempt to answer them as best I can. Here goes:

    1) The only assumption I had about entering nursing was if I could make the grades to graduate from college. Well....I graduated with a 3.4 that assumption has been resolved for almost 16 years now. :chuckle

    2) As a professional nurse, I view myself as a professional who treats the sick under the medical care of plan prescribed by each of my patients physicians. I view myself as being a very valuable part of the healthcare team.

    3) The most important and unique part of being a nurse for me is being able to really help someone improve the course of their life by not only being the nurse who ministers to them from a physical aspect, but from a psychosocial aspect as well.

    4) My hopes and dreams for nursing is to return to nursing after having been off 5 years now due to health reasons. I will take a nursing refresher course in order to update my skills and critical thinking avenues to enable me to accomplish my hopes and dreams in that respect.

    5) The values and beliefs that will guide my path in nursing are the same values and beliefs that guide my path of life in every other aspect. I believe in striving to live like my Lord and Savior taught me to live, and when I fail at trying, I pick myself up and begin again. That way....I never fail......for failure only happens when one gives up the struggle to live and coexist with others in a nonperfect world! :kiss

    I hope my answers help you somewhat. Feel free to ask me anything/anytime, and again....great to have you aboard with Allnurses! 99% of us are 'A-OKAY' to get to know......and the other 1% are here to teach us HOW NOT TO BEHAVE!
  4. by   rebelwaclause
    Ooooo....Wouldn't that be doing your homework assignment for you?

    I remember sometimes the assignment questions getting a little redundant, but these questions seem really cool, especially since they allow you to answer them on a personal level, rather than from theory.

    Just my humble opinion.

    :chuckle :kiss
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    Just be careful what you write! Learned this the hard way. Urged to "divulge" during clinical conference. Everybody shared personal info. Instructor (turned out to be a sicko but nobody knew that at the time, we were all new) then used this info to form opinions and made some students' school life pure hell. Just remember that there is no guarantee that this info will not be used against you in some manner. When this happens and the victim complains, the adm will back up the instructor (no matter how sick they are). It's too devastating to have to get an attorney over, but this is your future! So protect yourself from the beginning. Don't write anything that can come back at you. Sorry to be so negative, but this really did happen, and I wish I would have been savvy or warned. (And BTW, what I talked about was really innocent, not very personal, just a situation, and should never have been used against me. Likewise, with two other students! Good luck with your assignment.
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    You mean to tell me I just did your homework assignment???? Hope I get an "A" then!

    You will come back and let me know what grade I recieved, won't you??? :chuckle :kiss
  8. by   rebelwaclause
    I was kidding! :chuckle

    I'm sure KrazyKate just wanted a little feedback....(I think?)
  9. by   micro

    Hey, trust yourself. I agree, these questions sound cool. A reflective journal.....just start writing.......answer the questions to yourself....without worrying what the instructor is going to think.......

    rough draft.....then look back over it.....change it if you must to fit what you think the instructor's expectations are.......
    but it sounds cool.....

    like the instructor is giving you an opportunity for self-exploration with an ability to get a grade behind it.........

    1) so any assumptions, you have about nursing.....have these changed and why.....and how has this awareness affected you
    2) how do you see yourself.....what is the dream you had about about it.......or the kind of nurse that you want to be
    3 & 4) to me, they seem to go together.....but i am not the one doing the assignment.........just talk/ type.........
    5) what values and beliefs........or in another light.....what ethical practices......etc.......what guides you in life....that you will also take with you into nursing............

    probably no help.........
    but hey, trust in yourself....
    just write.....answer.....
    you have come a long way.........

  10. by   KrazyKate
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the help and suggestions you've given me. I was just looking for some inspiration to finish this assignment. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to know exactly what to say to answer these questions. I must delve into the psyche that is KrazyKate!
    I won't be handing in any answers that you gave as my own...and knowing the prof, you can guarantee that there will be top marks received. I just need the answers for my own benefit. Thanks again.