1. Hi everyone,
    My sick leave this year has exceeded what im allowed. So my manager asked me to go and attend a informal review with one of our doctors. The doctor said my sick leave reasons were valid. Since then my manager has been unfriendy. I want to leave but my manager said she would have to be honest and declare that I've had quite a bit of time off due to sickness. So im worried that I won't get another job. Would you say in the interview that you had excess sick days. Or I was thinking of asking my previous manager to do a reference. I feel like im going to be stuck there. Should I wait awhile and let it blow over.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    If you have used excessive sick time, then yes, your manager legally could say you've used excessive sick time. And she did indicate--whether seriously or merely as a threat to keep you from leaving--that she'd say just that if asked. I would skip her as a reference and select someone else instead.

    HR may or may not say it when potential employers verify your employment. When it comes to verifying employment, most facilities choose to limit themselves to sharing only dates of employment and rehire status. But--depending on your state's laws--they could share more information about your employment there as long as what they're saying is true. So your excessive sick time use could come up. You could contact HR and see what information they give out in these cases.

    As far as any interview goes, DO NOT mention that you used excessive sick time. Even if each and every single sick day was considered valid by a bank of doctors, your potential employer is just going to see you as a candidate who might just take excessive sick days at this new job. That won't do you any favors. Only bring it up if they do first.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   Flossy73
    Thank you so much
  5. by   KelRN215
    What, exactly, do you mean by "sick leave"? Did you go out on FMLA and go beyond the 12 weeks you're legally entitled to? Or have you called out excessively? If someone says "sick leave" to me, I'm thinking leave of absence. In no way should you mention either in interviews. Don't use your manager as a reference. It's a simple as that. I have never used a current manager as a reference when job searching because I generally don't want my current manager to know I'm looking to leave.
  6. by   Flossy73
    Hi there , sick leave , means I had more than my allocated 9 shifts of absence when sick. . It's a English term.
  7. by   Orion81RN
    I've put down on applications that time off was for medical reasons "since resolved." I think that shows to the prospective employer that they don't have to be concerned about it happening with them. Just my personal experience.