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press release: <<< ANA Reacts to Redbook Article Disparaging NPs ANA President Barbara Blakeney, MS, RN, CS, ANP, has written a letter in response to an article in the November 2002 issue of... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    "Dear Editor:

    As an R.N. and conscientous consumer, I take extreme exception to your article-writer's trite yet damaging comment regarding "being brushed off by a nurse practioner" when one is seeking healthcare/answers. That comment could not be more inaccurate, misleading and insulting.

    As a long-time consumer of nearly all aspects of health care, I can say without reservation some of the FINEST primary care I received came from the much-maligned NP's and CNMs (certified nurse midwives) in practice today. They practice and believe in the concept of WHOLISM and spend more than a cursory 2-8 minutes looking one over and coming to an assessment/treatment decision. They LISTEN, TEACH and TAKE TIME TO CARE, and work IN COOPERATION with THE PATIENT in reaching decisions in treatment options. Also, they do all this at often substantially lower costs to the consumer. To me, this is FAR from the "brush-off" your article-writer alluded to.

    They also know their limitations in practice and will certainly refer patients to medical doctors for care when needed, and without hesitation.

    As a reader of this magazine, I request you kindly retract that statement, apologizing to the NP's/CNM's surely affronted by such a poorly-thought comment. I also urge you to seek expert opinions regarding healthcare from MORE than strictly MEDICAL DOCTORS' standpoints. As yours is NOT a medical/healthcare journal, your opinions and articles have a FAR-reaching influence beyond these realms and in this case, you mislead many readers. Thank you for your consideration."

    What do you think? I tried to leave emotion out of it, anyhow. Eloquent, I am not.
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  2. by   sjoe
    blueeyes--looks ok, but you left out the phrase "bunch of b*tth*l*s"
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    KNEW I forgot SOMETHING sjoe....rofl...thanks! Next time, maybe.
  4. by   OB/GYN NP
    ROFL, joe!!!! Great letter, Blue. I thought that was very well-written...and ELOQUENT, even!
  5. by   Stargazer
    Nice, Debbie. Thanks for sharing.
    Originally posted by sjoe
    blueeyes--looks ok, but you left out the phrase "bunch of b*tth*l*s"
    LMAO! Next letter sjoe. Next letter

  7. by   l.rae did great!....l wrote a letter too, didn't save it though. Guess l did pretty good till the end when l suggested they stick to orgasm advice for blond bimbos...(appologies to all blonds ..including me).......................LR
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ROFL l.rae. Thanks for your support, guys. sometimes, we need to put our $$$ where our mouths are and get ACTIVE. I will NEVER sit still for this malignment of NP's by physicians in such a public and influential forum.
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  9. by   chellirn
    Way to go! Beautifully written. You captured the sentiments of many of us.
  10. by   t2000JC
    I always want to see the NP at my doctor's office-she is so much more approachable and she treats the pt. Docs I had had are like how are you what's the problem ok i will have the nurse bla bla.."My mom and I ask for her specifically.
  11. by   mattsmom81
    I can't say I'm surprised that a group of docs would impugn NP's in this way...they are a self serving bunch as a whole.

    The fact that more and more doc groups are employing NP's speaks more to the truth here. If they didn't feel they were competent they would not be hiring them...
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    SmilingBlueEyes - excellent letter! You did us proud, girl!
  13. by   fab4fan
    I'm putting on my flame retrdant suit for saying this...

    I would rather see a doctor than an NP; the NP's at the office where I used to go were so arrogant, very unapproachable. My doc is not like that, and she never makes me feel like I'm a bother.

    My dad had a cardiac prob. a few years ago...never had prob. before in his life, and I had to move heaven and earth to get him an appt with a doc. His doc's office kept trying to put him in with a PA or NP. I felt like since it was a new onset of heart prob., he needed to be seen by a doc.

    Three days later he was in ICU, and had a stent put in a day later...90% occlusion of the LAD.

    I feel that there are some times when a doc is preferable, however, the article should have given equal time to letting NP's speak their case. I know that many people have nothing but good things to say about NP's, so for them, I'm glad there's an alternative.

    And I don't think that a doctor should be the one to offer up an opinion on the quality of care given by an NP.