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Other professional titles such as mailman or stewardess have been replaced with gender neutral titles like postal worker and flight attendant, and as someone put it before on the forums here the term... Read More

  1. by   classicdame
    why not just change your concept of nurses being all female?
  2. by   John20
    How bout something intimidating to scare people into compliance, like "Puppy-murderer".
  3. by   Dramqueenie1
    Ok I graduated and took my nclex and now I am waiting to find out if I can call myself a 'Nurse' so I take offense to this post. We stand on the shoulders of those who cared before us and took strides to get respect for this great profession so I believe that this is one time the old should remain and not be changed. I am sorry if you feel as a man that you are being discriminated against but this is one time when Nurses are proud of thier title and should not be changed.
  4. by   Texas Tornado
    How about "Butt-wiper"? Very gender neutral

    Ok... just kidding... and thinking about my last two days at work!!!!
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    "Slave." Or, "Masochist."

    Sorry. Been a rough few weeks lately.

  6. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I don't think there is anything inherantly feminine about "nurse", and more than there is anything inherantly masculine about "doctor". Traditionally, doctors were males and nurses were females, but we have come a long was and not both sexes are thriving in both professions. I think it would actually set us back if we change our title.

    In the cases of titles such as mailman or stewardess, the gender is not just implied but stated outright. I can see changing these, but I don't see how changing the title of nurse would advance male or females in the profession.

    I do agree that I hate when people specify that a guy is a "male" nurse. If it is someone I know, I always correct them and say, he is a nurse like any other nurse.
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  7. by   MinnieMomRN
    Dilaudid Deliverer

    I agree with Roy. It HAS been a rough couple weeks!
  8. by   Medic09
    Quote from hekate
    at least we don't get called "sister" like in the uk! that would definitely be a difficult title for a male to wear! unless there is a male equivalent?
    brother ?
    just kiddin!
    what do they call guys in nursing in the uk?

    in israel, we apparently just translated the terms from the time of the british mandate. a nurse is 'achot', which is sister. since hebrew is gender-specific, a guy in nursing became an 'ach', or 'brother'.
  9. by   Be_Moore
    Dilaudid Deliverer sounds like a good name for a superhero. I smell a graphic novel with movie deals.
  10. by   SurvivorRN
    Personal Slave...lollll
  11. by   Tait
    Not lighthearted response: I just call myself an RN. I rarely use the term nurse, however I am not interested in losing my identity, be it "gendered" or not.

    There is enough confusion in the work place with CNA's, techs, PCT's, UC's, HUC's, PA's, NP's. "Who are you? I am your MTPS" Medically Trained Personal Supervisor... When I walk into a room, state I am the nurse it automatically sets the tone for my patient. Not really interested in a 10 minute conversation for the next 10 years as we try to rename ourselves.

    Lighthearted response: Yeah...I don't have one today.

  12. by   MinnieMomRN
    Quote from Be_Moore
    Dilaudid Deliverer sounds like a good name for a superhero. I smell a graphic novel with movie deals.

    Absolutely! Squashes gender stereotypes in a single bound!
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  13. by   Batman24
    To me a nurse is a nurse regardless of genitalia.