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I'm trying to find out if re-entry is possible for me. I have a BSN but only worked part-time for less than 3 years before leaving nursing to become a full-time mom. That was 18! years ago. I've... Read More

  1. by   mlm
    Hi Kate's Mom
    New to group. was reading over your post. Had friend who went through school, stayed home for twenty yrs raising kids and is now back at local hosp ob/gyn. The hosp provided re-entry training. Think the hardest part is getting confidence to return,, from having been out at times in past myself. I know some of the Cincinnati hosp provide refresher courses, have seen advertised.
    Much luck, you can do it!
  2. by   GPatty
    Just wanted tp pop in and say "good luck" to you and I hope you get to where you want to be real soon!
    Don't have any advice for ya though!
  3. by   Repat
    Kate's Mom - good luck! I have just finished my first year 'back' after 15 years away! I did not take a refresher course - I just completed the CEU's required to get an active license here in KY. I concentrated those CEU's on meds, especially. I am working med/surg telemetry. The hospital allowed me a long orientation, I have taken many critical care classes, and I just passed ACLS, all offered by the hospital. It was hard - my organization skills were seriously lacking, but I have learned so much and I love the work! Also, I work the weekend program, so my kids have a full-time parent on the weekdays (me) and the weekends (their Dad). I think the only impression I have really about your questions is that it would be hard to re-learn skills as a school nurse because I don't know of any school system that has enough resources at the minute to have staff available for orienting. I think I would stick to trying the hospital route for a while until I was confident in my skills again. Good luck - the biggest hurdle for me was getting the confidence to approach the employers (the KBON was not helpful).
  4. by   NurseAngie
    Originally posted by Repat
    Kate's Mom - good luck! I have just finished my first year 'back' after 15 years away! I did not take a refresher course - I just completed the CEU's required to get an active license here in KY. I concentrated those CEU's on meds, especially. (the KBON was not helpful).
    I just wanted to add this...CHECK WITH THE OHIO BON! Kentucky changed the policy regarding refresher courses FEBRUARY 1, it's a brand new policy requiring a refresher course for all nurses who have not worked as a nurse for 500 hours in 5 years. (This info. is found in the KBN connection volume XXII, #2, Page 4)....CEU's are no longer enough to return to clinical practice after an absence of practice beyond 5 years in this state. Many states are amending the requirements for active licensure.

  5. by   Kate's Mom
    Thanks Angie for the news re: rule changes. I haven't contacted the OBN directly yet, but I did check their web site - no changes listed as far as I can see.

    Julielpn - you had no advice for me? The scripture & quote beneath it are the best advice I can get! O.K., maybe not as specific as others, but still great advice
  6. by   Kate's Mom
    mrh1953 - I'd like to PM you but my PM ability is turned off & I can't figure out how to turn it on! Wish I knew more about what I'm doing!
  7. by   psychonurse
    Kates mom,

    Go to the top of the page and there are 7 blue boxes up there. Click on "user cp" and when that page opens there is a place to edit profile. Go in there and see what you have marked for Pms. You need to mark that you can write and accept PMs from other people.

    Good luck on your endevor of going back to school. I am sure with the current nursing crunch the hospitals would be happy to have you back. My prayers are with you.
  8. by   Glad2behere

    I am back after 25 years. I went through the Refresher course here in Texas. Honestly, the course did very little except for the clinical time it provided. I had an excellent preceptor. The hardest thing to get used to is hospital procedures that have changed, and the unbelievable pt load. Yes, you are a new grad all over again, but have to unlearn some things that are no longer applicable. Try to find a teaching hospital and enter an internship, that way the pt load is not so great as you reacquire your organizational skills and technical skills. The hospital I am now employed at has an education department and there is a checklist of things you must pass as the responsibility increased.
    Above all, take a good pharm course, and carry your drug book in your pocket. After 3 months, I can now say I feel very comfortable in a very large CCU, (28 beds), have developed good relationships with the other nurses and the docs and perform almost to the level that senior nurses have there. I did learn one other thing that is applicable, try to find a job that dosen't have your pts. scattered over 40 acres, the legs really ache after 5 12 hr shifts. I really like computerized exception charting which was unheard of when I had left. You'll be great, and also amazed at how little you have forgotten.
  9. by   Kate's Mom
    Hey, Glad2behere! Thanks for the great info!

    Three questions if you don't mind?

    How much experience did you have before you left nursing?

    Did you go back into the same field (CCU) you were in before?

    When I left nursing the only people using computers in the hospital were in billing, so I knew that would be one of the changes I'd have to get used to. What is "computerized exception charting?" I understand the first & last words, but what does the "exception" part mean?

    I'm learning a lot just reading this bulletin board!

    Thanks for replying to my posts. I hope to hear from you again!
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  10. by   Kate's Mom
    Thanks for the help, psychonurse!
  11. by   hanksRN
    I just found this site, and just in the nick of time! This will help my sanity, I'm sure. I graduated nursing school in '96, then worked part-time in a private surgeons office. It was a clinical and surgical position. Then, I quit to be home full-time with my kids. That was almost 4 years ago. Well, thinking I'd better get back in, I recently accepted a med-surg position at a local hospital. Even though it would have been part time also, I HATED it! I had never done hospital nursing before, and I'll never do it again. It just wasn't a fit for me. My question, and/ or when the kids are gone, will I ever be able to get back into it if I don't have any hospital experience AT ALL?

    Unlike alot of you out there, you've already had the med-surg it possible to find a position in a specialty or office when I am ready to return? I feel like I may never be able to be hired without that hospital experience, especially several years from now. Any advice?

  12. by   mattsmom81
    Hanks, consider a refresher progrm. If one is not available, then consider a hospital with a good new grad orientation program...the educators will be in tune with your needs and you should do fine. Best wishes!
  13. by   P_RN
    This one at Mt Carmel looks good. I don't know where it is located relative to where you live, but if there were a way to do the 100 hours of clinical in your town it sounds ideal. It's online otherwise.