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I know other professions that get yearly raises....my question is: If I start at $19 an hour what would the raise be each year?... Read More

  1. by   Plagueis
    At the LTC where I work, nurses and CNAs get a 4 percent raise every year, with no bonuses or merit pay, per the union contract that we are under.
  2. by   caliotter3
    Quote from TheCommuter
    I'm an LVN, so my employment options are more limited than those of my RN counterparts. I cannot pick and choose where to work as freely as someone with the higher nursing licensure.
    You are so right Commuter. And people wonder why some LVN/LPNs feel forced to get an RN license. Sometimes the RN license is necessary just to get a job, much less worry about pay and benefits available. LPN/LVNs can't be as picky at all. Maybe one doesn't want to spend a career in LTC. Even those places will hire an RN who walks through the door before they will hire an LPN. Good point.
  3. by   MikeyJ
    Quote from Tweety
    I've gotten 3 to 5% for the last 15 years at my job, along with promotions, market adjustments, etc. One year I got over 11%. Last year I got 5% and then I got my BSN another 4%, plus a market adjustment of 50 cents per hours. My salary is $20 more per hour than it was 15 years ago.

    The problem however, is the last two years my salary has been "maxed out", meaning we have a ceiling that we can't go higher. The only reason I got a raise last year was that I went from an RN II to RN III (charge nurse) and they raised the max 50 cents. I'm maxed out again in my new position and unless they raise the max, which is unlikely because they just did that, I won't get a raise.
    Not even for cost-of-living adjustments?