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Hi everyone, I am in my last semester of nursing school currently doing my preceptorship the emergency room which I was REALLY excited about starting. My first couple days with my preceptor have been... Read More

  1. by   mountainnurse
    I know how that feels

    Thanks for the advice, I definitely have been seeking out other experiences and the other nurses have been warm and extremely helpful. I have so much respect for the nursing profession and most of the nurses I have worked with through my program have been exceptional, so I am not going to be influenced by her behavior. And I know now the type of nurse I DO NOT want to be! I hope that sometime down the road I have the opportunity to work with students and can make their experience a positive and productive one!

    Now I just have to find the best solution to my current situation. Thanks again for everyone's input, since this is my first preceptorship I did not know what to expect...
  2. by   caliotter3
    Agree with clee1, you need a new preceptor, as in yesterday. Report this to your clinical instructor and demand a new preceptor until you get one. You should also report this person to her supervisory chain and in a written statement make it clear that you believe she has no business being a preceptor. Precepting, while not required in all jobs, is often a job duty listed on employee job descriptions. If this is the case here, she is failing at one of her job duties. And make no mistake about it, she has the power to see that you do not pass your clinical rotation. I saw it happen in my school. If you go with the flow, you may be the one who gets demolished in the end, notwithstanding the fact that you are not getting the experience that you are there for. Good luck. Hope things turn out for you.
  3. by   triagethis
    Sorry to hear that. Believe it or not you are still learning. Use this as an example of what not to do. Try to concentrate on the input from the nurses who are willing to help you. Remember your objective is to get as much out of this experience as you possibly can. When one door is closed another maybe open. There are still good nurses out there . Don't let this experience determine your view of this profession. Always kepp this in mind. "We are not born nurses".