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  1. Have been away from nursing for most of the last three years. Recently took med test that asked questions about Humalog. Now I had heard that it is superfast acting insulin but this question asked about a type that must resemble Lente 70/30. Yes I have been looking on the internet but all I can find is info about the regular kind. Is there such a thing? Do you ever give it at same time with regular humalin or humalin of any other kind? Do you ever put it in same syringe with any other kind of insulin? My new drug book will be arriving anyday, my old ones are all out of date, but I don't want to wait that long to see if my guessing on the answers on this test came anywhere near the truth.
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    It had just come on board about the time I left so I don't know much either but this site is a comparison.
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    Humalog is taken just like regular insulin is. It can be mixed with NPH, just like regular insulin. The only thing about humalog, is that it should be taken at mealtime, instead of 15-30 minutes before the meal. Humalog (lispro) is an insulin analog, as well as Novolog (aspart), which is the same, except, according to the company, "has a little longer duration." Humalog comes in a mix: 75/25 humalog mix, which is like 70/30 insulin. The exception is, again, that it is given at meal time. Novolog comes in a 70/30 novolog mix. Humalog and novoloc are clear insulins. The only insulin that cannot be mixed with others is lantus, the 24 hour duration insulin. Hope this helps! Audrey