question about the mobility of RN's

  1. Here is the deal: I am currently working very slowly I might add on my RN. What I want to know is this. I have confirmed fibromyalgia and unconfirmed lupus. Alot of my roughest times are in winter when It is cold. So we were thinking that if i ever get this RN thing done that we could maybe try to move where it is warmer. What is the job market like in the warmer climates of usa for RN's. I would really like to get into a hospital that has an awsome training and mentoring program for new RN's. I am currently an LPN. Can anyone in one of the warmer area's give me any idea's. Much appreciated. Angelbear
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  3. by   fergus51
    FABULOUS!!! Look into California, Texas, Nevada, etc. All are experiencing huge shortages and there are plenty of jobs should you wish to relocate. A friend was recently hired into a hospital in Santa Barbara with an internship program and had also looked into some hospitals in San Diego that were offering similar training programs. You can go to click on American hospitals then type in the city name to be linked to its hospitals.
  4. by   USA987
    The Scripps system here in San Diego is starting up a program for new grad's a full 1-year internship program.

    Sounded great when the recruiter came. I would have jumped at it if I wasn't moving!

    Good luck to you