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Do you have an illness or injury that you feel you would not have if you have been a secretary or IT professional. This is for bedside nurses only.... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Hmm. Nasal cancer, eh? Wonder if that may be related to the fumes we are exposed would be interesting to see the stats on ALL hospital workers as a comparison. There should be a wide study done on nurses and environmental hazards, IMO......

    I just had a huge growth removed from my thyroid....wonder if that has to do with all the portable xrays I assisted with through the years?? Docs kept asking about my exposure to radiation.

    All our environmental hazards...kinda scarey as we get older and think back. Mixing chemo without hoods and gloves (nobody thought it was dangerous to the mixer 25 years ago...)
    All the radioactive implants that were used in uterine cancer precautions for the nurses way back when.......hmmm.
  2. by   pappyRN
    I injured my rt shoulder and neck when lifting a patient in the TCU. I was an NICU nurse at the time and got "pulled".

    I now have RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy)on my entire rt side of my body and it has spread to my left side from my hip to my toes. I have a herniated thoracic disc, multiple bulges in cervical and lumbar discs with DDD in both areas, cervical spondylosis, uncovertebral spurring at almost all cervical vertebral levels, severe degenerative facet joint disease at C6-7, bilateral trochanteric bursitis, bilateral sacral iliac joint inflammation, femoral neuritis/neuralgia, frozen rt shoulder, ulnar nerve compression, and sciatica. Also, fibromyalgia/CFIDS, myofascial pain syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome ( most probably related to the RSD), thoracic outlet syndrome, suspected lupus, and various other problems.I'm sure there's probably something I left out.

    I have had cervical fusion at 2 levels, 2 shoulder surgeries, thoracic outlet decompression, sympathectomy and brachial neurolysis.

    I am in persistent, unrelenting, burning neuropathic pain 24/7 and am on a boatload of meds. I have tried almost every modality known to man to help with the pain including nerve blocks, PT, TENS, etc.

    Enabled... I am so sorry for your sister's pain with the RSD and I so completely understand how hard it is for her and for you to have to watch her suffer with it. I hope that she has a good pain management physician.

    Prior to my injury I had an occasional bout of a pinched nerve in my neck. I was never able to collect any W/C and I haven't been able to work since approx 7 yrs ago.

    I am 49 going on 100!
    Warm regards,
  3. by   TIREDmidnightRN
    "The patient who caused the injury went home the next day" This is too common! In this case (DT'S) she wasn't in control of herself..but....OK.I am driving all over creation being insanely diverted and doubled back on freeways.detoured to other closed road workers who had to have realized they were sending commuters to closed roads....all the time reading the signs that warn of long jail sentences and hefty fines if we accidently injure a road worker........nice.....are nurses less valuable? Why is there no law that punishes those who PURPOSELY injury health care workers? On another thread I asked if any were harmed by people who were a/0 x 3 and did or should have known better....don't you all think that it is time we had our own protection from purposeful harm? I mean, we are under enough risk from the unintentional...why permit that which could have and should have been avoided?