question about hysterectomy/cholecystectomy

  1. Hi. First off, I am not asking medical advice, I know we are not aloud to do that on here, but I have a question. Im having a hysterectomy (open incision) next month and I also have a bad gallbladder. My hysterectomy incision will be vertical. Can they reach my gallbladder to remove it while in there? One nurse at work said they wouldnt be able to reach it, that just doesnt make any sense to me. I know this is a STUPID question. It just seems to me that if I am cut from naval to pubic, why cant they reach it? The reason I will be cut that way is because I already have a large scar there. I just dont want to be cut open again later. I want it all done at once.
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  3. by   MikeyJ
    Have you spoken with the surgeon who will be doing the procedure? He/She would be the one to ask.
  4. by   TazziRN
    No, they won't be able to. The incision might be vertical (usually horizontal, wonder why vertical for you?) but it won't be that high. In order to reach your gall bladder the incision would have to go up to the xyphoid.

    Also, docs do not like removing more than one problem at a time unless necessary, creates increased risk.
  5. by   chenoaspirit
    well, ive had 4 major abdominal surgeries and dont want the risk of another. Plus, I cant take off work more than once and Im extremely sick. My gallbladder has to come out. I dont want to go thru 2 surgeries, ya know?
  6. by   chenoaspirit
    Also, I just dont understand why they cant go up with a camera or make a small "lap" incision or something. I dont want to be put to sleep again and have that big hospital bill twice. I am talking with my doc today I guess. Just wanted to ask your opinions. They can take a uterus out thru vagina, and put breast implants in thru the belly button, there must be a way to do this. Ya know?
  7. by   TazziRN
    Quote from chenoaspirit
    put breast implants in thru the belly button, there must be a way to do this. Ya know?

  8. by   chenoaspirit
    Quote from TazziRN
    Yeah, they can put breast implants in thru the belly button. lol. Why, I dont know, but they do.
  9. by   Jolie
    You really ned to direct these questions to your surgeon, well in advance of your planned surgery.

    I agree with Tazzi that it is probably not do-able, despite your planned vertical incision, due to the anatomical placement of the gallbladder.

    Also, most insurance companies will not pay for a second procedure and/or diagnosis at the same time as your primary procedure. Like it or not, your surgeon (and the hospital) will want to be paid for expenses related to a second procedure.
  10. by   SherBearRN
    I agree that talking to your surgeon would be the best. Multiple surgeries do and have happened at my facility. I just registered a patient yesterday who was having a procedure done to her arm and a D&C. Two different surgeons were going to be in the room at the same time. Today, surgeons are so specialized that the GYN who is performing your hysterectomy does not have the expertise to perform a cholecystectomy. I would speak with the surgeon and explain your situation and also ask how your insurance would cover it.

    BTW, you are right. Breast implants are routinely performed with an incision through the umbilicus.

  11. by   chenoaspirit
    At our hospital they do perform multiple procedures at one time. I have been one of those patients. Last year my colo-rectal surgeon operated on my bladder and removed endometriosis while removing my colon. I was more or less wondering if they could do it thru the same incision, rather than making another additional one.
  12. by   jill48
    Quote from chenoaspirit
    put breast implants in thru the belly button
    :smackingf OUCH!!! What? This better be a really big belly button or some teeny tiny boobies.
  13. by   Pompom
    I found a wonderful site for women who had hysterectomies,

    Check it out, I hope it helps.
  14. by   traumaRUs
    I am terribly sorry but really this is asking for medical advice and as you can see from 11 different answers, its just not something we are going to be able to answer. Please ask your surgeon.