Question about ages in the NICU and PICU - page 2

Hello Everyone! I have a question regarding the NICU and PICU. I know that if a baby at complications during the delivery or has an abnormality at birth they are admitted to the NICU. But at what... Read More

  1. by   tvccrn
    NICU takes anything under 28 days or if they are a NICU grad anything that has been gone from there for under 14 days. Other than that it's PICU.
  2. by   SoontobeAdrienneRN
    Oh okay!! Thanks everyone it seems like every hospital varies in some way or another. Great answers to my question though :spin:
  3. by   sasha1224
    The children's where I worked it was pretty much outside world under 28 days, transfer from another NICU, no limit(though generally under six months). However, any patient requiring complex cardiac surgery(other than PDA or PA banding), was transferred and treated in the PICU. On occasion, if these pts were premature, once the heart surgeon cleared them, they went back to the NICU, otherwise went to the cardiac floor.:spin:
  4. by   LilPeanut
    Much like others, typically we only accept transfers (or the occasional precip from our Children's ER) though if someone has a "newborn issue", sometimes we'll take them. It just depends on the circumstances. Cardiac Kids usually go to CICU, which is in PICU, but sometimes we keep them, if they have other things going on. PICU has typically 1month+ kids. Or if they are RSV or something nasty like that.