1. I'm @ a crossroads and I need some sound advice. I moved here from RI, where I grew up and went to school, in Jan 2001 after I graduated. The only large hospital in RI that I could have started @ had mandatory OT and didn't treat nurses well @ all so I moved down here for experience @ a large reputable hospital where I've been on cardio-thoracic surgical step-down since I started. It's been a great learning experience and I'm ready to move on to either OR or ICU. However I really don't like living here in CT and would be willing to live in many other places w/ either more character or better climate (or both). I'm single w/ nothing tying me down.

    My question is whether I should stick it out here to get a years experience in OR or ICU and then move, or attempt to get a job somewhere else in one of these areas w/out any experience? I'm also open to any suggestions for places to move to. I'm thinking out west (AZ), or maybe the Carolinas.

    Of course this all could be moot since I completed the Air Force recruitment process and and expecting to here whether I'm accepted and where I might be going as early as this week, but am nervous about it. Like I said, I'm @ a crossroads and need some help. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Sounds like you have the Wanderlust, child. Sit still, listen to what your heart says, and wait til you hear from the Air Force before setting out on a new adventure. And if the Air Force isn't interested in your talents and gifts, go where you wish. The world IS your oyster, and you can go and move on right as soon as you wish. There is a nursing shortage, and you can get your experience at your new home of choice. ENJOY!

  4. by   BadBird
    Why don't you try traveling, pick areas of the country you have always wondered about, take the minimum assignment and you could travel all over. That is what I hope to do someday when my children are grown and my hubby retires. Good luck
  5. by   e-nurse
    If I traveled, I wouldn't want to get stuck w/ nightmare med-surg assignments, and so I would need to stay here to get @ least a years experience in OR or ICU. I'm not sure, but I think I'd have a better shot @ starting somewhere new in one of these areas w/out any experience. Has anyone gone from med-surg @ one hospital to a specialty @ another hospital w/out having experience in that specialty??
    Hi E-Nurse,

    You might want to first try traveling don't have to except long term assigments (such as one year) could be as little as 12-15 week contracts & if you decide that the current assignment wasn't acceptable, you don't have to accept or even change it...depending on the travel agency.

    I know if you go Airforce, you'll be commisioned as an officer & as such, you could resign the commision, if it also doesn't turn-out like you'd expected...the only catch is that officers with vital positions, such as nursing, aren't allowed to resign from their commision during times of war...which we're unfortunately still in.

    My advice to you is do a little more research & look into several different travel agencies. Also, being present military, make sure that anything that is being promised to you get written-down & included in your commision agreement...officers don't sign a contract like the enlisted...hence the ability to resign the commision whenever possible.

    Good luck in your endeavors - Moe.:kiss
  7. by   mattsmom81
    The large hospitals here in Texas like recruiting strong medsurg nurses into their critical care internships, if you are interested in something along those lines. I have worked with out of state nurses who relocated (with relocation assistance from the hospital as well) to enter a critical care internship and have been pleased. I'm sure there are large facilities in Arizona and the Carolinas that will do the may want to do some research and see what's out there..Good luck to you, the world is indeed 'your oyster' as Jenny put it!