Punctures while administration of a medication

  1. i would like an advice or opinion about something that happened to me.
    yesterday, around 1:45 am, i was giving an insulin cover to a patient who has hepatitis c due to a blood transfussion, the thing is that when i removed the needle from his arm, scrape the forefinger of my left hand (i'm right-handed) with the tip of the needle. currently
    i'm taking some hiv medications as a protocol that they have in my hospital.i am going to be tested, my patient was tested hep c positive, hiv negative. the scrape on my finger is not visible, (i just had a little dot of blood when i squeezed it). please i need the opinion or advice of anybody who has more experience than me in problems like this.

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  3. by   sjoe
    Doesn't sound, from your account, that the probability of your being infected with Hep C from that contact is very high. BUT, if you were, there is nothing you can do about it now anyway, so just remember to be more careful in the future.

    If the patient is HIV negative, there is NO way you could have seroconverted from that incident either, unless he became infected shortly before you stuck him, so your taking prophylaxis for this seems unnecessary as well, IMHO.
  4. by   New CCU RN
    Sorry to hear about your bad news. I had a similar experience, although it wasn't with a needle...blood actually squirted into my eye. The pt fortunately was neg for everything...but it took three days for the lab to do the test bc it happened on a long weekend. Anyway, the meds were awful (HIV). And what I am wondering is if the patient's blood is HIV neg why are they having you continue with the meds? This is not recommended by the CDC nor does it have any benefit.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing currently that can be done post Hep C exposure. However, you exposure was with a smallbore needle and doesnt seem to be a deep stick. According to the CDC, there is about a 99% chance of no ill outcome. I would try and relax and not worry abhout it.... ohh and get yourself off the meds... no reason to be on them.

    Good luck. Hope everything works out.
  5. by   yodakelly
    I have had two minor "sticks" (more like scratches, like you) during my nursing career thus far, and i chose them well, as they both had hepatitis (B,C once and just C once)

    In both instances, I was told by the employee health folks that the risk of converting from a superficial stick by a small bore needle (once it was actually just a blood sugar lancet, although that one went into my finger) is quite low. Naturally, though, I wasn't taking any chances. I did not take any HIV meds, but I did follow up with blood work for about 6 or 9 months each time. I had no problems, never converted to Hep+. Don't quote me on this, but at the time I did some research on conversion rates after a "dirty" needle stick and I believe that it's about 30-35% for Hepatitis, and that is based on a significant stick, whereas I don't think that your risk would be even that high. HIV has a much, much lower infection rate after a stick. I'd say don't panic, but I worried each time I had blood drawn until I heard that everything was ok. I know people that don't follow up on "insignificant" scratches/ sticks by needles, and they are all but one just fine... there is the one, though, that has hepatitis and has no idea when she even got it, as she had multiple needle sticks in her past that could have caused it, but she never followed up. Point being, you are probably just fine, but you are doing the right thing by making 100% sure.
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    Thanks for all the help you've been great
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    Debbie I wish you well. GOOD LUCK!