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What is the patient to nurse ratio where you work? What shift do you work and what area of nursing are you employed in? :) :) :) :) :) Michelle... Read More

  1. by   pjmnrse
    In our Pediatric unit we usually have 12 patients total. 8 of those patients are on ventilators...2 of those are infants. For our 7p to 7a shift we have one RN one LPN and one RT
  2. by   chicagonurse
    I work in LTC 3pm-11:30pm. On the best of days I'll have 20 patients and 1 CNA. On the worse 45 dementia patients 3/4 of whom require total care with 3 CNAs. Management seems to only care about cost cutting. On an average day a spend 20 minutes figuring out charge slips eventhough I never get to spend that much time on a patient. The good CNAs have left due to short staffing and now the nurses talk about leaving.
  3. by   Teshiee
    I work in NICU the most you would get is 3. Based on acuity of the neonates. 1:1 if very critical has many drips and is on a ventilator, unstable. ECMO may have 2 nurses working on the infant depending on status!
  4. by   bjpeace
    When I work in SICU it's usually 1:2, however if the pt has high acuity (ex- CVVH, transplant, Crani w/ increased ICP) then it's 1:1. I've never seen 2:1 but have heard stories of crash and burns with multiple nurses. I have had to triple several times in SICU on night shift (days are well staffed) When I work in stepdown it's usually 1:4 - 5. Nights carries more pts.
  5. by   Tinaboo
    In the facility that I work in, there is one nurse and 1/2 of a unit manager to thirty patients on morning shift. One nurse to thirty patients on evenings, and one nurse to sixty patients on nights.
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  6. by   bjpeace
    Tina -
    What type of unit do you work in? And are there any techs to help? 1.5 to 30? How do you get anything done????