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I've got a question - just curious.....How do you handle a psycho DON????? It seems that there are many nurses out there that are in positions of authority and have no management skills... Read More

  1. by   UKRNinUSA
    How do you deal with a psycho DON ? avoid them -interview him/her when you are applying for the job, not vice versa (that is if you have that option)
  2. by   Youda
    I posted this before, but I'll do it again since you ask what you can do about it. The steps are very clear. Read it, please!
  3. by   zudy
    I could write a book on crazy DON's. My last place of employment, I had 9 in 14 years ( in the same unit). I, too, finally voted with my feet.
  4. by   gojack
    Gee... it made me think again of that wierd DON that used to threaten ALL the registered staff with going to the State Board all the time. She never actually got around to stating why she was going to the State Board always with the anonymous,future to-be-disciplined nurse>>>> that needed total action against them>>>>> for the undefined transgressions imagined to be taking place behind her back???

    Until one day she actually did take her old nemesis who was woefully working under her, to town. It's because she gave herself phenergan for nausea from a bad meal (instead of checking off from the facility). When DON Wretched found out, she then was hauled her victim on down to the State Board on charges of supposedly being an alcohol abuser!

    I still remember this insane DON's permanently frizzed hair and face. Some how, I doubt that she ever got her own medications adjusted straight........... Of course, this was a psych setting, and thinks like that don't happen on the medical side of nursing. It's much more professional an environment.
  5. by   renerian
    Nope you did not corner the market. I did not get reamed loudly by the DON but it was the unit manager screaming at me in front of 10 residents and all the staff at shift change today as I could not get in the building as my new security card did not work and I was late.........the DON stood behind her manager. I was released from my job after being taken off the schedule for being late. It was my first day and it took 20 minutes of banging on the door to get someone to open it! Was a nightmare. I tried to redirect the manager to please talk with me in the chart room or office but she just kept berating me. The residents were looking at me like you poor thing and so did the staff member just rolled her eyes. I called the Admin later and he apologized and said another new staff members card key did not work so now they believed me there was something wrong and I was out there banging on the door. That is okay though I gathered my thoughts and went out looking and was hired elsewhere in less than 3 hours. i start tomarrow. PSYCOs are everywhere......

  6. by   renerian
    Youda nice article on bullies.....

  7. by   Youda
    renerian, make sure they pay you for your time! That should really blitz out that psycho, and give you the last word anyway! :lol2
  8. by   renerian
    hehehe the admin told me he would pay me after he apologized...

  9. by   Youda
    Well, if this admin is so much aware of the situation, why didn't he reprimand the psycho, and reverse your "termination?" Sounds like the other nurses are well aware of her antics and would appreciate a little back-up from this jelly-fish admin! I think I have to put admin in the same category as the psycho! Like mama abuses, and daddy sits around and does nothing about it. That place sounds sick, sick, sick!