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I am an LVN and have been for 12+ years. I have recently heard that I could challenge the board (with my years of work experience) and once approved I could sit for the RN boards. Does anyone know... Read More

  1. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Quote from misscelly
    Hello All,

    I personally know someone who challenged the board (here in CA), to become an RN. She was a CNA for many many years, set for the RN licensure exam, passed and became a RN.

    I highly doubt that. Maybe you are thinking of the LVN. You can not challenge the boards to become an RN in California
    . People can however challenge the board to take the exam to become an LVN with exuberant amounts of medical experience/clinical hours in many different departments, and classroom time. I have never met anyone that has actually done this. I graduated from a BSN program and even had fellow classmates that tried to do this after our first 2 years and were told they did not have enough hours. Check out the site, it is quite a defeat to take on:
  2. by   bumbellbeez
    If that were TRUE, no one would PAY for college classes to become an RN if all they had to do was sit and pass a test! I believe there's a LITTLE more involved!

    So in your opinion does that mean that since I've been an RN FOR 23 YEARS, I could sit in and take boards to be a NP, DO, or MD! Think about it!
  3. by   MilesOfSand
    I am an LVN who did challenge the NCLEX LVN several years ago, it has not been without its limitations or problems. When applying for a job, one of the first things you are asked is " What formal nursing program did you attend?" Think again if you think employers will be impressed when you tell them you have not had a formal Nursing Program or education. I have also had to endure fellow nurses, setting up challenges for me with regard to my skill level, and generally speaking I pass the challenge, it has not been easy. Regardless of how bad the economy gets in my state, my license is only good in California, so to leave my state I will have to start over. I will be looking again at the BON to see if my license allows me other options, but with the challenges of holding a LVN license with so many limitations, I may have to start over to get that formal education, which will allow me more opportunities and versatility. Any thoughts?
  4. by   Mich88
    I have also heard, but have not confirmed it. But in reading the replies i am disappointed that so many people are hostile about a simple question.
    Thank you to those who posted a constructive reply, it helped to answer my questions as well.