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    I need a little input here please. I love being a nurse, I love where I work, but I find in every job I have had, after 6 months or so, I feel like I need a new challenge. Usually I try taking an advanced class---I am way overqualified for the hospital I work in (meaning we don't keep anything that real challenging to take care of -- we always ship them off) and yes that means I get to go on the ambulance, but it isn't really as often as I like. The education I get is great, and my hospital relies on me alot for education of the other nursing staff and organization of stuff. I find myself taking on other people's tasks (for example our er director is also our swing bed coordinator--and is very lazy so I end up doing alot of the er stuff) which I don't mind doing really--but if I am going to do it, I want the title. I find like I feel like I outgrow things quickly. What is travel and agency nursing REALLY like? And what do other nurses think of them---or does this sound like a good idea? Does anyone have any suggestions?????

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  3. by   fedupnurse
    I work with alot of AGnecy nurses. The down side is if you are not "contracted" for a certain # of weeks, you can get cancelled. You have to work x # of shifts to get benefits. People I work with have a pretty good amount of flexibility and of course the pay is much higher, especially for newer nurses.
    Have you thought about going to a larger medical center like a trauma/heart type center?
  4. by   Cindy_A
    I used to work agency.
    The pros are: 1) good money 2) no office politics 3) you can take off when you want to, I took off 2 weeks over the 4th of July so me and my husband could take our honeymoon 3) lots of good experience 4) meet lots of nice people, mostly.
    The cons are: 1) no guaranteed hours per week 2) may be cancelled at the last minute 3) may have a lot of driving, depending on where you live 4) no bennies 5) sometimes agency nurses get the worst assignments because they "make more money".
    I liked working for an agency, unfortunately I work in a rural area and there just weren't enough assignments that were close to where I live, and I just didn't want to drive long distances. Some nurses think that agency nurses only do it for the money, and are not real nice to agency nurses. For the most part, other nurses were always nice to me.
    I thought it was a great experience, and if you are very flexible and enjoy new experiences, I believe you would like being an agency nurse.