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I've been working w/ a tech for about a year, who keeps telling pts that she is a nurse. When I first heard her do it (three times in one day). I spoke to her about it, documented everything, and... Read More

  1. by   CHATSDALE
    I Have Had Problems With Techs In The Past And Sometimes They Cut Their Own Throats And Sometimes You Have To Make Up Your Mind Which Is Better To Grin And Bear It Or Leave I Have Done Both

    We Would Work At Night And Do Total Care ===she Would Come In In The Morning And Go On About How She Found The Patients With Dry, Dry Bm On Them A Total Lie But The Don Swallowed It Hook Line And Sinker Another Time This Tech Who Was Going To Rn School Thought That She Knew More Than The Md S And She Let Everyone Including The Pts Know That She Would Take Care Of All Of Their Problems We Finally Got Together And Put Enough Pressure On Her That She Quit But She Told All Her Friends That We Were Jealous Of Her Sometimes You Just Can T Win
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I would remind this tech that calling herself a nurse to her pts. is false representation, which is breaking the law.
  3. by   heart queen
    After approacing the tech and telling her NO more, and that this conversation would be shared with NM due to it's severity, I would follow up with my patients each shift by introducing self as RN and letting pt. know to expect "sue", a tech to be available to meet their needs too.

    Any further proof of this again, straight to the BON. Which would be exactly what I would have told the tech I would do.

    With such seriousness as this, you can't wait forever for the NM to take action, which should be termination and reporting to the BON.
  4. by   malenursingstudent
    i have been working as a pharmacy technician for about five years now, and will continue to work part time in this capacity until i finish nursing school. that being said, if a pharm tech did this even once.... tried to pass themselves off as a pharmacist.... they would be fired, no questions asked and no second chances. the board of pharmacy is very serious about this. i'm working with one pharmacist who has only been out of school for about 3 months, and he makes suggestions and recommendations i don't agree with all the time. if i feel like he is really in error, i will tell him so... privately and politely.... never in front of a patient, and if he doesn't agree with me then it ends there. it's his license and it's his call to make. the same rule should apply here.

  5. by   pcelest2003
    I am a PCt and I say these "This PCT needs to give it a rest." And hello! CNA's are called into court as well!! If she want to be a nurse she should carry her a-- to school. Like the rest of us PCTS. Besides, I'm don't want the legal responsiblity yet anyway. Your NM is a idiot. She has to realize what's going on. Hey, I have alot of experience ICU Nicu, rehab and peds as a tech. I Learned alot and probably could run circles around some new grads, but still would never claim to be an RN, because I'm not. Some body needs to wake up and smell the starbucks! I smell a lawsuit one day.