Preventing Financial Loss when we get hurt

  1. Somehow, nurses need to be better protected from back injury and from the financial devastion the loss of your profession brings.---------
    This was said by Mercykitten in another post (I would have put it in a quote, but I don't know how)
    I agree wholeheartedly on this. But what can we do? There are all these different organizations that we all belong to, can't one of them help us do something? Can't we all rally together to keep us from losing everything if we get hurt doing our jobs? There are so many ways a nurse can be hurt doing what we do best, and yet we are discarded like rags thrown away when something does happen? How can we prevent this?
    I would really like to hear some ideas... Maybe between all of us, we can come up with something to push forward with! Something to protect us!
    Thanks Everyone!
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  3. by   frustratedRN
    last week i strained the muscles in my back and neck while lifting a patient. i didnt even know i had hurt myself until i woke up the next afternoon with a knot in my back and a lump in my neck. the back has resolved itself but my neck is still messed up. it is still swollen and the pain at times is excrutiating. i am starting physical therapy tomorrow and looking at least three more weeks off work, most likely more.
    i am hoping that my workers comp will kick in within the next two weeks so im not missing a paycheck. i dont know what the heck im going to do.
    after reading all these posts lately im getting pretty nervous.
  4. by   tiger
    i have a friend who injured herself on the job. she went through all the physical therapy treatments recommended by her md.she was off about 8 months. she had a disability insuraNCE OUR JOB OFFERS. I PAY ABOUT $34 PER PAYCHECK and you got like 70 % of your pay for a year. no good for over a year though. she also tried some other txs like accupuncture . came back on light duty for a while doing meds but still was having problems with back, shoulder, leg. md told her no more. he said she must get out of floor work permanently and limited her capabilities even more. his recommendation was sent to RISK MANAGEMENT AND EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS TRYING TO FINISH OUT HER WEEK AT WORK THEY SENT HER HOME RIGHT AWAY. NOW MY HOSPITAL OFFERS THE FOLLOWING--SHE HAS ONE MONTH TO FIND AN EXISTING POSITION AT THE HOSPITAL (THAT FITS HER LIMITATIONS). IF SHE CANNOT. THE HOSPITAL MUST FIND/CREATE A JOB FOR HER OR SEND HER TO SCHOOL TO TRAIN HER FOR A POSITION. MEANTIME SHE IS PAID BY WORKMANS COMP. ALSO BECAUSE SHE CAN NEVER WORK AS AN LPN ON THE FLOOR AGAIN SHE WILL IMMEDIATELY BEGIN COLLECTING DISABILITY AND WILL CONTINUE FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE WHETHER SHE WORKS ANOTHER JOB OR NOT. SHE WILL ALSO RECIEVE A SETTLEMENT FROM THE HOSPITAL FOR HER INJURY.
  5. by   P_RN
    I should move to NV

    Post truncated............


    Mind you ALL I did was go to work. All I did was my job.

    I feel I did all I was supposed to.

    Yes, I agree, there should be something we can do. I thought I had all my bases covered.

    You might think you do too, but until it happens you never know. Be careful. It is not at all rosy out there.
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  6. by   tiger
    prn-hope they have to pay you what you deserve when your law suits are done. that is just wrong!!!!!!
  7. by   frustratedRN
    i too hope you benefit from your lawsuits. that really is crap.
    i was in a car accident many years ago. i had broken my femur in 4 places and crushed my arm. i was pregnant at the time and in a body cast. after the baby was born i had a plate put in my leg and was finally able to walk with crutches. a few months after i found out i was pregnant again. i was collecting social security disability after my son was born and when i was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, and still on crutches mind you, i was cut off social security.
    the reason: i could get a job
    they didnt have to find me a job but i COULD work.
    my own orthopedist certified me disabled. the social security docs certified me disabled.
    i called ss and asked them what kind of work they thought i could get...they
    can you believe that?

    i appealed and i won a partial award.

    god bless you prn....i wish you well