Prayer Warriors I need you...

  1. Hello kindhearted nurses! The time has finally come for me to take the NCLEX (December 2) I'm having mixed emotions. For one I am feeling really nervous. After all the studying i've done I still feel it wasn't enough
    My friend told me that one can only do so much and the rest should be lifted in prayers for blessings to come... for guidance...
    I take comfort reading all those who have posted asking for prayers and to read that they feel grateful to all who have prayed for them because they passed the test.
    I wish for that same feeling of happiness and triumph - and so I am asking for your prayers that I'll be guided to choose the right answers.
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  3. by   HazeK
    Originally posted by ancella marie
    My friend told me that one can only do so much and the rest should be lifted in prayers for blessings to come... for guidance...
    I firmly believe that Heavenly Father expects us to do all we can do to prepare for tests, or life challenges, etc....THEN we are to ask Him to help us. His help can be a restful night's sleep the night before, could be a clear mind so we can remember what we have studies and reviewed, can be a calm spirit of peace so we can face the test without feeling anxious or inadequate, could be a complete memory of lectures we have listened to, etc.

    Don't forget in your petitions to Him, "Thy will be done"! Then, let the test stress go! Don't cling to the worries, the stress, the anxiety any more!

    Let us know the exact date, OK?


    PS: My senior professor 30 years ago took all of us out the night before to dinner and a movie and then to a bar for ONE round of drinks to be sure that we all relaxed the night before the test! I would recommend a great meal, good companionship with fellow nurses or family or friends, and some relaxing conversations! Do *NOT* study the night before..."Let go and Let God" rule!
  4. by   MidwifeWannaB
    Rely on the knowledge that the Father has given you and the information he helped you to retain. It's amazing how prayer before a test (sincere prayer, not just "God, I know I don't believe in You, but help me now.") can help facts and figures just pop into your head when you would never have remembered them otherwise. True, God helps those who help themselves, but he always wants us to rely on Him for our strength and the ability to remember all the millions of facts we've stuffed into our brains. Pour your burdens and your worries about this test at His feet and He will be by your side every second of the way. He may not whisper the answers into your ear, but he will help you to remember everything you thought you had forgotten. And I know how difficult this is, but try not to stress too much. The Father is with you, and He loves you no matter how you do!

    I will be praying for you, sister.

  5. by   FullMoonMadness
    Your Father has not brought through to this point to allow you to fail.Ask it in His name and then accept it.I truly believe that when you ask for something in prayer and have the faith to believe it ,then it is yours to claim.

    I also agree that you should relax the night before with friends and do not study.You know this material.
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  6. by   FullMoonMadness
    Im sorry,I dont know how those demons got there,my big fingers.please ignore them
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I wish you luck......take a deep breath and in go in w/confidence.
  8. by   HazeK
    Folks, please put a note on your calendars on December 1st!

    Our dear Ancella Marie will be taking her test the next day, so we should pray an extra-special petition for her the night before, and the following morning!

    She really wants to become a nurse, so let's support her with prayer!


    (and 'they' say we 'eat our young...not!)
  9. by   mario_ragucci
    "Petition the lord with prayer?


    Jim Morrision, American poet
  10. by   Tweety
    I'm not a Christian, but I certainly wish you all the peace and success on your big day. namaste
  11. by   HazeK
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    Jim Morrision, American poet
    Ah, dear Jim Morrison!
    Quite the poet/lyricist!
    Hmmm, remembering the days of my youth!

    I was merely referring to the "ask, seek, knock" scripture....
    Was just encouraging those who were so inclined, to ask
  12. by   ancella marie
    You're all inspiring. I know I shall go and take the test with peace in my heart.
    You're messages will be in my thought. And I will keep you posted on the result.
    To all of you - I wish you happiness.