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What are some of the best practical jokes you have ever pulled off at work? I was in charge one night and we had a prisnor as a patient. The cop watching him until the county took over was a real... Read More

  1. by   brassdragon
    As a new nurse I will try not to fall for any of these GREAT jokes. I myself love to pull jokes on people but think it would be my best interest to wait to get established first as a new nurse just out of school. I love the chocolate ones, I may practice on my wife with chocolate in the diaper (Have an infant)
  2. by   Enabled
    Brassdragon, you're incorigible. I like the idea in the diaper but before you do that if you use baker's dark chocolate it will look more like a dart adult? Is the baby having dark ones or go with the milk chocolate for lighter stools. Be sure the camera is ready
  3. by   Tiiki
    Some sounded oh so familiar, all made me chuckle! Some of the gags we played were filling 10cc syringes with water and having water fights, we had a homophobic male nurse with us. He was excellent, never showed predjudice. One night he was coming in for his shift...we told him of a new admission he was getting. He was a male, 37yrs old, cross-dresser in fishnet stocking and stilletto's, frilly dress, who's given name was Bruce, but would only respond to the name "Phyllis." The look on Josh's face was priceless. He did everything he could to pass off this "Phyllis." The icing was when "Phyllis" requested and suppository. Josh had no choice but to go check out his new admission. The look of relief on his face when the bed was empty was priceless. Another gag we pulled was on a nurse who had just purchased a new vehicle. We called one of the girls (she was new) called him up and said "do you have a green jeep with licence plate..blah blah blah" Josh (yes same guy) goes yes...she replied.."well I just hit your car in the parking garage. I don't have insurance, I want to pay cash..and they are trying to extridite my car from underneath yours." Josh was white...he stood up..screamed.."omg its one day old!! " well we couldn't contain our laughter. An end-note, we had a newbie nurse on night shift. He liked to think of himself as superior, so the designated T.L told Brian to take over for a while. Then we took a morgue gurney, put a nurse from another ward on it. We told brian there was a dead body in the hall, and as T.L he would have to deal with it. He was shaking. He kept asking one of us to do it. No one would, we told him.."you wanted the responsibility, you got it." He asked who the body belonged to. We told him we didn't know, that he'd have to uncover the body and find out. He tentitively walked up to the gurney..he stood beside it ..until Heather sat up! Brian let out a shreak and fell to the floor! It took him a long time to forgive us for that one!

    I've really enjoyed your stories. The things we do to relieve stress!

  4. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by MollyMo
    My assistant nurse manager put a fake name in the monitors as a new admit. I put on the telemetry and started scratching one of the electrodes so that it would resemble v-tach. The monitor tech started having a screaming fit about the patient in v-tach that no one was coding. We had to wrestle the phone from her had to keep her from calling a code herself.
    This is too priceless! I'm going to try this one tonite...while our monitor tech is on break! hee..heee..
  5. by   fedupnurse
    You're coming to AllNurses hospital right?????? Maybe we'll have to have a practical joke ward... I have a few people I can try the one you pulled on Josh.
    Keep up the good work. Fedupnurse is very proud of you!!
  6. by   Enabled
    Don't forget me down here in Sunny but already hot Florida. I know lets have it in Bermuda. That way we can go around tax laws the weather is the same practically all year 60s-80s a nice breeze, beautiful blue water. Most of the patients would be on vacation so they will not want to spend time in the infirmary. Let's go gang. I will show the way as I have already been there. Disabled Besides it is just what the doc ordered.
  7. by   KaraLea
    One slow night shift on Med/Surg, a couple of nurses from the ED came up to our unit with a covered body on a gurney (covered completly, including the head) saying "are you all ready for the admission? WHAT ADMISSION?????? Well, the nurse who's turn it was to take an admission ran into a room and started turning back the covers and the ED nurses moved the gurney up next to the bed. Just as they start to move the patient over to the bed, the "patient" suddenly jumped up and grabbed the floor nurse's arms. You should have heard the screaming. The "patient" had really been the ED Doctor.
  8. by   KaraLea
    OH and just an addition to that last one, While they were getting ready to move the "patient" to the bed, the ED nurses were giving "report"...98yr old, Uncontrolled DM, hx of Stroke and Heart attacks, Total care, incontinent, Poss C-Diff, and so on...
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    ...screamer, throws feces, full code....
  10. by   Enabled
    So what else is new. I had a patient scream for days. She would also say that someone was in her room. It was the drapes on the window which could possibly have been a trench coat. Well, around 4am one morning I said to other staf members that something was different. I was screamer had stopped screamin' and had an apical by doppler of 38. Now wonder it was quiet. Back then the nursing supervisor ran the codes. Sometimes it dows take a minute to realize that it is quiet or someone starts screaming who has never before.
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    We had a penchant for torturing our night hospital operator. :chuckle Late at night, when the residents and the nurses are bored, we would page people overhead, through our operator. She was always so proper in stating the doctor's last name, then the doctor's full name...

    Dr. Rubin, Dr. Billy Rubin...

    Uh, yes, could you page Dr. Im Too Fat?

    Dr. Fat, Dr. Im too Fat...

    I need Dr. Bik Bu Bu, please

    Dr. Bik, Dr. Bik Boo Boo...

    Peels of laughter would come from our unit and sometimes from the floors. And it spread to other units getting in on the fun until the chief of staff was there one night and didn't think it was funny at all. From then on, you could only page physicians on the roster.
  12. by   fedupnurse
    Stupid, stuffy, humorless doctor spoils our fun again! What the hell was he doing in the hospital after 5 P.M. anyway?? Who gave permission for that????
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    Stupid, stuffy, humorless doctor spoils our fun again! What the hell was he doing in the hospital after 5 P.M. anyway?? Who gave permission for that????
    Get this - his mother-in-law was admitted from their home (she lived in their guest house) and he came in to write DNR orders. Hmmmmmmmmm.:stone