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post traumatic nurse disorder/ or sleep deprived, you choose which… i really had a freaky situation happen to me when i first began working. i’m a nurse now, however earlier before officially... Read More

  1. by   CVICURN2003
    You know most big stores (Wally-world, supermarkets) have "codes". Like a code blue at Walmart is for shopping carts??? I hear the word code over the loud speaker and automatically the adrenaline starts. Until I realize I have the baby and a grocery cart with me....

    I hear our triple beat alarms in my sleep. I swear I do....
  2. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Quote from bethin
    I once was so confused after a 16 hr shift that when I got home I took a vicodin, tylenol pm and benadryl at the same time!! Woke up 18 hours later, not knowing where I was, thinking the pres was Kennedy(I was born in '79), and screaming because I thought I was supposed to be at work. Had to call my mom who thought I was having a breakdown. In tears, curled up in a ball screaming that I had been fired because I missed a shift. Really 'woke' up in the ER with an IV in my arm. I refuse to do 16 hr shifts anymore. It didn't help matters that it was a very stressful shift and I was sick.

    I can't believe the stuff I take home with me that only shows itself in the middle of the night. I thought I coped very well only to wake up in tears.
    [/s] :flamesonb

    By gosh and gee whilickers! I have been there, really I have!

    Especially working this night shift thingy...I swear I'll wake up on my day off after the night before and be in angst because of the dimness of the late afternoon sun and believe it's morning...where did my day off go LOL LOL LOL?
    Until I walk around the house a few paces and see how my mind has played a mean trick on my dumba$$!
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  3. by   miko014
    I get so mad at myself when I wake up and realize that I have been dreaming about work! My most common work dream is that it's like 5 hours into my shift and I have not seen a single pt or done anything for any of them. Or else it's usually just a random thing - like My house is the hospital and there's a pt in every room, or the kitchen closed, so now I have to cook dinner for all my pt, lol. I did the same thing when I was a tech, too, but of course that was always about not getting vitals, or rm 14's temp was 207.8 and I forgot to tell the RN, etc.