Please Pray - page 3

please pray for my daughter catie. she is getting worse by the day. i still am having trouble comming up with the funds to get her to az. where i would have a job and insurance. i awoke last night to... Read More

  1. by   Sabby_NC
    That is awesome wonderful news about Catie.
    I am so pleased that her dreams are about to be realized.
    Bless you all
  2. by   sharona97
    I'm so sorry to hear of your pain for your strong,brave daughter. I am glad you find this site to help you vent.

    Yoyr souls are shining through to many prayers. I send my prayers for peace to your family.

    You are very blessed.
  3. by   leslymill
    I am praying to the Holy Great Spirit to part the great red sea to Florida for Catie and that her health holds strong. I got to swim with dolphins in the Bahamas. They are wonderful gentle and delightful creatures. I hope she gets to feed them too. Winter is the best time to go to Florida. I pray that you get a supportive job. This prayer may take some spiritual fasting because well.....I need one too. Keep faith. Know that the Holy Great Spirit wants Catie to get her dream and we must pray so that it comes to fruition.
  4. by   aKyRN81
    You all have my prayers.
  5. by   traveltiger
    May the Great Spirit protect you and keep your family safe from harm until you return into their loving arms, so mote it be. I will pray for you, et send cedar et sage smoke in the wind,j