Please help which program to choose

  1. Hi! I have been accepted to the BSN program and to the ADN program. They both would take me the same ammount of time (2 years ) to complete. But I'm not sure wchich one to go to. Shoul I go straight ahead and get my BSN or shoul I take step by step and to become an LPN first, then RN, Then to get my BSN. I really already been in school for a long time,so I want to be done with this. But I'm afraid that it would be much more harder if you go for BSN . Please any ideas what should I do. I'm sorry if I made any mistakes, English is my second language.

    Thanx RA
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  3. by   orrnlori
    Why go LPN then RN when you can do the BSN in the same period of time. I don't even see what the question is. Maybe I don't understand. If the time and cash outlay is the same, get your BSN.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Definitely go for the BSN, you will get your RN in two years either way, so there won't be difference in the classwork per se. You will just be able to do more with the BSN later.

    Good luck with your studies.
  5. by   newgrad2005
    Is the price the same?
  6. by   MelRN13
    It depends on what sort of outcome you're looking for. I attended a ladder program and went from LPN to RN. It was more cost effective for me, I gained great experience at the hospital that I worked at as an LPN, and I made more money working part-time as an LPN than I did working full time as a nurses aide.

    But, if cost is not an issue, I would definitely go for the BSN program.
  7. by   rasa26
    Thank you for all responses. The price it is not the same. If I would go for BSN I would have to tke the loan and can have my associates at community college which is much more cheaper than studies at the university.