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Hello everyone. I need help on a project for school that's mainly graded on creativity. I have to pick any diseases of the neurological, musculoskeletal, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, or... Read More

  1. by   tgfnurses
    Thank you all for your wonderful ideas. My class has 15 students with ages 17 and 18.
  2. by   GAstudent
    So your still in high school? If this is the case I would use the candy/poster idea. I would tell everyone that they are all a BLUE (which means no disease) then I would pass the candy around and tell them to take one piece of candy and then tell them to wright down their color. Then tell them they can change colors with someone or not and let them move around the room. Then when they change colors tell them if they choose no candy then they have no disesase but if they did and change colors then they have this and that disease. Then do the poster thing.

    or get 6 or so people and let them have on a shirt that says "AIDS", "Gonorrehea" etc....then i would let them shake hands (as if they slept together though) and have a piece of tape and paper and when they shake hands add that to their shirt...then do the poster thing...also have how it passes from person to person, signs, symtoms, and treatment...Good Luck...let us know what you decide...and how well you do..
  3. by   mother/babyRN
    Like Agnus and so many others here, I liken explanation of any illness, malady or pathophysiology in laymans terms so the person attempting to learn, already anxious, can best understand what is going on...
    As was already mentioned, with trying to explain insulin and glucose, I used to draw a circle to represent a cell, and a key on the other side ( when giving a presentation)...Drew little 'G's all around the empty circle to represent glucose and what happens to the bloodstream when glucose can't get into a cell due to insulin lack or absence...When the "key" opens the cell, the glucose can go in and the cell then receives energy.
    Now, in teaching patients about labor and delivery, one of the examples frequently used to describe what actually happens during a vaginal exam , is to tell them that in figuring out what we mean by thinning out of the cervis, imagine someone pulling a turtleneck sweater over a bald head..As one pulls the turtleneck down, the edges thin out, not unlike the cervix..
    With cardiac people and vaso constriction and/or dialation, liken the system to pipes in the house which become clogged and unclogged. You can do it! Have fun! Always keep in mind that anxious people benefit from ease of explanation and simplicity....
  4. by   AAHZ
    I gave a class one time on cvas'. I took each student in turn, and "restricted" them as much as possible to resemble a stroke victom. I tied one of their arms to their waist with bungie cord, then added wgts to their wrist. then i put several pairs of gloves on their hand. I then bungie corded their ankles together and added wgts to the "affected" ankle. I then had them put a thick "bite" stick between their teeth. After all of that, i gave them "simple" chores to do ie; walking, talking, writing, carrying a sack of groceries, and putting on their shoes.
    I think that it was a very effective class.
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    That's a wonderful idea! I'll have to remember that. ;>)
  6. by   tgfnurses
    I again appreciate all of you for your input. Earlier I thought about doing CVA however my instructor discouraged me from doing it so now I am positive I am doing it on diabetes. Any more help is welcomed.
    Thanx again.
  7. by   perfectbluebuildings
    We did a health fair including diabetes, and borrowed these things from the local health dept. called sugar wands showing how sugar moves through normal blood vessels and then through diabetic blood vessels. There were white seed beads in each wand with I think water in the normal veins and oil in the diabetic veins, colored red. You may be able to find these at your health dept. if you call them up, or make them yourself with something like test tubes. (Because the cells cannot take up the glucose it does not get moved out of the bloodstream as fast, thus it is slow like oil instead of fast like water... sorry if I am overexplaining!) Good luck.
  8. by   tgfnurses
    Thank you I'll check the healh food store close to my house.