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Hello Everyone, I'm trying desperately...well maybe not desperately...but pretty hard...:) find out recent information on the following hospitals. I have already received some... Read More

  1. by   BjOnrs
    just came back from a vacation in Galveston but didn't do the hospital thing. Looked clean enough to me and the people are sooo friendly. Things to do and atmosphere more laid back. Traffic wasn't bad and the prices we saw were realitively reasonable. Saw a sign while there on a bank that said "Life's to short to live in Dallas". Not far from Corpus-- check it out!
  2. by   Brownms46
    Thanks for the good feedback. I guess I will have to check it out sometime. But now..too many packing...and getting ready to leave. But I wish I had taken time to see it while I was here. Who knows..I might just trip on over there...and see for myself..
  3. by   Figaro's Mom
    Originally posted by Brownms46

    I like quiet...too old for crowds..:chuckle. But where are you in NM Figaro's MOM?? I'm coming through NM, and will spend the nite in Lordsburg..I think. I thought about going out of the way to ABQ, but that was when I had more time...before the hospital moved up the start date. Now I just want to take my time getting there on the straight route.

    Aaaah you don't want to be where I am (in NM). I will give you two reasons why:

    1) Forest Fire hit the town two years ago....morale is still recovering
    2) Too much bureaucracy-mindedness here (National Lab) --drives my husband nuts

    PLUS the town is small enough there is NOTHING to do here!!!! If you like quiet, you'll definitely get it here. I'm not a party animal but the town practically vacates when it's quitting time at the lab and they hop over to Santa Fe, even if it's just for dinner at a decent restaurant!

    "Will the last person leaving town PLEASE turn out the light?"

    And yes we get the jokes about giving birth to two headed babies or glowing in the dark because of the plutonium and isn't that bad, really.

    On the up side, because there is a national lab here, security is VERY tight; no crime here. I think the worst you'll see is graffiti or vandals.
  4. by   Brownms46
    Ooohhh Ok...I know where you brave lady you.... Ummm If ever need to go out in the Sonora nite...I know who to take wish me..:chuckle. Sorry...coulcn't resist...
  5. by   Brownms46
    Hi blsternrn,

    Thanks for the back-up on tx at Medical City! I'm just sorry you had to experience it first hand! One day with 4 NICU babies was enough for me! I remember when it first went up...and I thought what a beautiful place to work in!! Looks are very deceiving..:chuckle. Anywho...I'm going to a HCA hospital in Scottsdale, but so far I have got good feedback on the hospital.

    Had to edit...forgot where I was..:chuckle
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