Please Help Me Out!!!!!!!

  1. Hello All-

    I'm a prospecitve nursing student (male - second degree) looking to begin work on my BSN in the Fall of 2003. Though I am 99.9% sure that I want to be a nurse, I am currently interested in shadowing another male RN or NP in the Philadelphia area.

    Though I would like to shadow a male nurse, I am totally open to meeting/talking to/shadowing ANYONE currently employed as an RN or NP in the Philadelphia region.

    Oh, one more thing: I would prefer that my prospective mentor ENJOY their job!! ;-)

    Any information or assistance provided would be GREATLY appreciated. Feel free to shoot me a private e-mail or respond via this post.
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  3. by   renerian
    Wow to bad your not willing to come to Columbus. There are some dynamite NP that work in the clinics at OSU.

  4. by   sjoe
    crp--what I did was phone a number of local hospitals (nursing recruiter offices or simply med-surg departments) telling them I was a man considering entering nursing, and asking for them to give my name and number to a working male RN so we could meet for coffee and a chat.

    I met 4 or 5 guys this way, and some of them told me about their Men in Nursing group, invited me to a meeting, and we went out afterwards for a beer and further chat.

    THAT would have been the time I would have made a shadowing request to any particular guy I wanted to shadow (though I did not need to do it myself, since the differences between men and women nurses would not be apparent from shadowing).

    To end this story, the consistent message these guys all gave me was: