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While I certainly believe that alot of nursing homes don't do as good as a job as they should, their are certain things about this article that I would like to educate the public on: 1) the... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    rncountry-i absolutely, positively, 100% agree with every word of your post!!!

    bravo!!! bravo!! bravo!!!
  2. by   sjoe
    rncountry--excellent post, as usual.
  3. by   nursedawn67
    Why is it that we never hear the stories of the residents from nursing homes that are rehabed and make such a good turn around that they get to go home and be independent again? Why is it we always hear such negative stuff that scares the general public into believing that those staff members of LTC only have one goal and that goal is to keep the residents drugged out and tied up in a chair to make life easier on us? Where are these people when Mr. Smith is throwing himself out of his wheel chair and hurting himself? The family says we are doing nothing and allowing it, so when various methods to help him are tried then we are accused of keeping him "zombied" out. What about the Mrs. Jones who walks throughout the facility getting into rooms and attempting to hurt others and screaming at them, making the other residents frightened for their life? The fellow residents and their families say tie her anything to keep us safe, while the wandering patients family says "don't you tie up or drug mom!" Even though every intervention is being tried, all we as LTC staff get is we are doing a lousy job. State says you don't need that many staff members...but you are required to do x amount of things.....State needs to open their eyes and realize they are the reason many nursing homes seem so crappy they give urealistic goals to be achieved with as little staff as possible!

    Now don't get me wrong there are some really bad nursing homes, that are at fault all on their own. But shouldn't state be going in there and shutting them down?! Where are the good, trying LTC facilities kudos? Where are the articles on how good some facilities can be??

    Thanks for letting me spout...

    Have a good night ya'll!
  4. by   pkeyrn
    You know, we all hear the horror stories on the evening news about the old lady who was left to die in her bed in the nursing home - the staff was too busy taking smoking breaks and joking around with each other to take care of her. The strange thing is, I have been working in nursing homes for over 20 years, as a CNA, an LPN, an RN and now in Administration. For some strange reason I have NEVER seen such a case. I'm sure that they do happen, that a few nursing homes don't provide quality care. But ALL nursing homes and long-term care employees are getting the bad reputation for something that really is NOT as widespread as they want you to believe.
  5. by   Agnus
    you have already said it well. I would only suggest you are talking to the chior. Now respond to it in a letter to the editor that published the original article. and or your local paper and others.