Please help me decide school. your input appreciated

  1. i have been admitted to American career college and concorde college at the orange county campuses because i pass the entrance tests to both schools(they were pretty easy). i have until this friday to officially enroll at one of the schools and i just can not make up my mind. the cost of attending either college is the same. i know that acc requires u to maintain a %75 percent average and concorde requires %80, if at anytime i fall below the percentile they will drop me from the course. i like the campus that ACC has to offer because it is bigger and has more equipment. i have heard good things about the education that concorde has to offer but i had a sample session of class and it seemed very intensive. it seems like the students at concorde sit in class while the teacher lectures very detailed instructions. i learn much better from hands on training, i also want to go to a school that assigns a lot of homework so i can maintain the average from the homework grades. please give me any advise or input, thank you!!
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  3. by   PurrRN
    Congratulations, how excited you must be. You are the only person though who can make an educated descision about where you should attend. Since there is no clear cut winner in your mind, I would try a pro's and con's page and see which one gets more "points" in the pro....then choose. Maybe you will see a clear cut winner out of that (hopefully). Good Luck, you are on your way!!
  4. by   JohnBee
    I know at our school we are required to maintain a 75% average on our test grades. There are other assignments which may bring your grade up but you will not pass the class unless you have a 75% test average. I am not sure if other schools have that requirement but you may want to check.
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Just check your BON and make sure both are accreditted (sp) and you may also be able to check their pass rate.

  6. by   TXRNStudent06
    At the school I attended you had to have a 75 average to pass and your grades were solely based on your tests, no extra credit whatsoever. Your clinical component may be hands on, but as far as what you need to know about the disease process will be what you get out of lecture and what you read in your textbooks or other sources. Good luck and follow your heart.