please help me and my kinked up back - page 3

OK, this is the problem. I feel like I have a horrible "kink" in my lumber sacral area. IT feels like if I could just "crack" this joiunt, I would be fine! However, the pain of trying to do so is... Read More

  1. by   hoolahan
    YES! I cracked it!

    Thanks for the link DN.

    I want to tell you how I did it in case it helps any of you.

    I was sitting in my rocking chair, yeah I know, like a little old lady, right?! I had a pillow behind the small of my back. I was still feeling all kinked, and I reached both my arms up and clasped the on top of my head. I was sitting like that for a few seconds, that CRACK! It felt soooo good. So I reached my hands even further behind the top of the chair back, and I cracked my vertebrae like dominoes! Oh YEAH!

    Unfortunately, the relief is temporary, so I will have to go to the doc now!

    Anyway, wanted to share that trick, discovered quite by accident, it feels really good.
  2. by   betts
    Ask your physician about BOTOX treatment. See study reported in NEUROLOGY.