Please help. I am getting frustrated!!!

  1. I am a new grad and still waiting on my test date for the N-Clex. I recently took a job at a facility on the sub-acute floor on the 3-11 shift and for the most part I really enjoy it. I was offered a job elsewhere on 7-3, however I declined that position because the DNS at this facility was very upfront with me and told me what she would expect from me as a nurse on this unit. I really liked what she stood for and what she wants out of her nurses. The problem is that I have been there for 1 month now and I feel like I am getting somewhat of a handle on things and want to be able to try things on my own. How else will I learn?This weekend was great I was able to take a med cart and have my own assignment. Tonight I get their and it was supposed to be the same thing however one of the other nurses who is also an LPN was having a major problem with it. She stated I am not responsible for her, and she is only supposed to be by herself if the RN is on the floor at all times. Well our RN supervisor floats throughout the house all the time on evenings, and this wasn't a problem over the weekend. If I was to screw up it wouldn't be her at risk and even though I am not yet licensed I can still be judicated for any wrong doing and the RN would ultimately be responsible. I also have no problem asking questions if I am unsure of something. I even have another nurse always check my injections because I don't feel comfortable with that yet. I just feel like when I do get my license I will be thrown to the floor and not feel confident. At least right now I am on orientation so their is always someone to go to if need be. I just feel like I take 5 steps forward and 10 steps back. I almost think I sould take that day job at least their will always be an RN on the floor and I could get started on my new career for real. Sorry for the long post. I hope someone can give me some advice.
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  3. by   Tweety
    I think the LPN has a point and your facility might be in some violation by not having a licensed RN on duty other than the roaming supervisor. I'm not sure as I work in a hospital, but never ever would an LPN be alone on a unit without a licensed RN where I work.

    You haven't taken NCLEX yet and are still on orientation so I understand her concerns. I don't think this is an appropriate role for you, although I applaud your enthusiasm in wanting to get out there on your own.

    Good luck.
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  4. by   rita359
    Agree with above. Slow down. You are still on orientation and haven't taken NClex yet. I don't blame the lpn. She doesn't know what you know. It is a lot of responsibility just taking care of your own assignment much less if she was not actually your preceptor and being held accountable for what you do, answering questions etc because she is the closest professional available. They say patience is a virtue.
  5. by   Gromit
    Yeah, I'd have to side with the LPN on this one as well. Great enthusiasm on your part, but be patient and get past your NCLEX first. Trust me, there is PLENTY of time left ahead for you to try new things, get comfortable doing them, etc etc etc.
  6. by   jeanniern55
    I have seen this many times as an RN in LTC, LPN,s sometimes feel a little intimated by a new RN, A lot of times the newbie will be quite vocal about being the RN but in LTC a nurse is a nurse unless you are a supervisor you are doing the same job, be patient you made it through school you will make it through this