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  1. my job offer states that "the offer is contingent upon successful completion of the pharmacy exam and the employee physical." Just wondering... what is a pharmacy exam? Is this a test of my pharmacological knowledge? What is employee physical? I assume that this is a medical examination for newly-employed nurses...? kindly enlighten me on this.
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  3. by   purplemania
    I bet it means urine drug test.
  4. by   NICU_Nurse
    The pharmacy exam is a test that most places make you take prior to being hired- it's supposed to be general nursing-pharmaceutical knowledge (such as peak times of insulin administration, heparin admin., etc.). Ask them if you're allowed to use a calculator and drug manual- some places allow this, and most will give you a packet to study outlining what is basically going to be on the test. In my first job I was just out of nursing school and passed it without missing a single question. In my new job, I have to say that it was biased- I'd been a NICU nurse for almost 2 years, and had forgotten much of the adult pharm stuff that was on it that the study guide *didn't* cover. Generally, though, I don't feel that the tests are ever too hard- they're meant to just basically assess your pharm knowledge.

    The physical is just going to the MD (sometimes theirs, sometimes yours) and having a baseline set of vitals taken and blood to check for your immunization titers, getting imm's that you need and don't have or haven't had in a long time, getting a TB skin test, and taking a urine drug test to ensure that you aren't a drug user. If something is off, such as your B/P or glucose, they might suggest something for you. If you have an allergy (like latex) or a back injury or something else that requires assistance, you'll talk to them about that then. Basically it's just to make sure that you're physically healthy enough to go work for them.
  5. by   oceanblue
    Pharmacy Exam is just that, a simple test of your pharmacoloy skills & some basic math. An Employee Physical is a very brief physical from your own doctor or the company doctor.... may include a urine drug test. My current employer required a drug test, CBC, Lytes, & a chest x-ray.
  6. by   bless
    what if one doesn't pass the pharmacy exam?
  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    They might offer you a chance to re-take it. Ask them! Really, though, the tests aren't that hard. Definitely not the NCLEX.