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Hi Folks, I've been really busy this semester so I've only been lurking the past couple of months or so...but I've got a question that's been plaguing me a bit lately. I'm currently taking a... Read More

  1. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by renerian
    Summer since when I was taking my training we had no aides or lpns. The RNs did the entire care. We passed waters, trays, did all the transfers, beds everything. So I already knew that........I think they could learn the same thing in a nursing semester 1 course. I think they are trying to generate revenue for the college...

    I went back and read this again, and I agree with you as far as that extra revenue thing and it being a semester 1 of RN!

    I am doing it as part of my semester 1 course, and we didn't have to be a CNA as a pre-req. This whole first semester is CNA training except that we can do sterile techniques (I don't know if CNA's do foleys, NG's or wound care?) and we have to do careplans. The last 3 weeks we will be passing meds as well as doing all the other things you listed. In other words, like you used to do, the entire care. Thankfully it is only for one patient to start because I had to learn the CNA job as well as all the other techniques. Then it is bye-bye LTC!

    Bean, do they make you do this all over again your first semester of the RN course as well??? They shouldn't if the pre-req is CNA!
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    Judy you are special to love LTC. Does not work for me......

  3. by   joyflnoyz
    Something to remember: unless you specialize in OB or Peds, you will be a geriatric nurse, at least some of the time. With the aging of the population and all that.. Any skills you pick up at a LTC facility you will be able to use wherever you go. Look for things to learn while you're there to keep it a positive experience.

    I've worked as a CNA in LTC and in a hospital. There are good and bad points to each. As a nurse, I really like working LTC that i'm doing now.. being able to get to know the residents and what is "normal" for each one, and *knowing* when something is off. THe CNAs are my eyes are ears..I have 30 residents, they each have 10-12 and get to know the patients much better than I! I can't tell you how many times a CNA has come to me and said "someting's wrong need to come right now" and they've been right..we've neded up 911ing some one out..

    LTC is hard work, but we can laugh, cry and dance with our residents. Giving a hug to a person who has no family visiting..
    means more than I can say..
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    I havn't the sligtest clue about hospitals. I know of quite a bit of emergancy medical situations and I enjoy them.

    I stick to LTC. It is depressing and hard work, but the LTC that I am working at now, I feel, is the reason I was put on this earth. I think LTC is great, but its not for everyone.
  5. by   Hooligan
    I just wanted to take a second and thank everyone for their responses. I appreciate them all! Thanks again!