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HI ,I'm Thai nurse who are living in Missouri.I'm going to move to CA for working as RNI(registered nurse interim permit )I haven't schedule for NCLEX test yet but have passed TOEFL score 207 from... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Thank you....................Thank you.................
  2. by   Sheri257
    Quote from suzanne4
    You have stated that you have taken CGFNS exam twice and have failed. Is this the reason that you moved to California, so that you wouldn't have to take it a third time?
    BTW, this is the second post recently where a foreign nurse has mentioned California not requiring this. I was just wondering, Suzanne, if you happen to know why state doesn't require it.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There are only five states currently in the US that do not require the nurse to have taken CGFNS before being able to practice. New York and California are the two main ones. New York will grant a "temporary" license to a foreign nurse, but only if they have passed CGFNS. Twenty years ago there was a big problem in the US when they were bringing in nurses from other countries to fill the shortages back then. The nurses were given contracts, usually for three years or so, to work as RNs, but only about 30% were able to pass the state exams back then. It caused problems all over, so CGFNS was set up as a screening process. It has been proven that if you can pass CGFNS the first time that you take it, you have a 98% chance of passing NCLEX.

    I personally recommend that everyone take CGFNS. Reason being that it will help prepare you for the NCLEX exam, second, if you do not like living in California or NY and want to move someplace else within the first two years, you will be required to take CGFNS. So if you are going to prepare for one exam, you may as well take the other and be done with it. And for nurses that don't want to deal with CGFNS for one reason or another. They have no choice. All nurses that want to enter the US with a green card and be permitted to work, must pass a Visa Screen procedure that is required before the US Embassy will even review their application.

    If a nurse has received a green card because of a spouse, they should have to fulfill the same requirements for working in the US. In my opinion, they need to be screened and have the appropriate English capabilities. The green card gives them permission to work, it does not guarantee them a job where they want and when they want. It is only a permit that allows them to work. English skills are now required to be the same as those of a native speaker. Why should someone be allowed to skip that because they are married to someone who was given a green card? I don't think that it should be allowed. Many hospitals now are coming to the same conclusion. Australia has the same requirements, and even more stringent on their English exam scores.

    Hope that this helps answer the questions that you had................
  4. by   Noney
    What an interesting life you have.

  5. by   suzanne4
    It can be quite hectic at times, but I wouldn't consider doing anything else at this point in my life. Right now, I am trying to make a difference in someone else's life and it is a very nice feeling.
  6. by   Sheri257
    Ok. So I assume that California said you don't have to take the CGFNS because it's very similar to the NCLEX. I guess they think the NCLEX is enough?

    Once again, thanks for the background info Suzanne. :spin:
  7. by   AUN
    I got a job offering me at LA area right now.I'm making decision .Should I take NCLEX right now and get over this problem or should I train in LA as Interim permittee.Philipine's office called me and they offer training in ICU.Medical , surgical and ER area.It's up to me about which area I prefer .I don't know what to do right now friend.I 'm so afraid to fail with this test but if I fail then I plan to go back to Thailand for a year and come back before my green card expire.IN LA, they will pay me only 15 dollars .That is my problem.I don't think I can afford to live over there .
    Suzanne ,I have passed TOEFL score and TWS I got level 4 .I really thank for your posting.That really made me realize about the truth!
    Please give me some advice should I train and get some experience then take the test ,or should I take test test and my problem will be solve .
  8. by   suzanne4
    First, are you from the Philippines or Thailand?
    Can you live on $15 per hour in LA, and for how long would your training be?
    If you pass NCLEX, then you would be getting the regular rate and the hospital would do your training. Do you feel confident enought to take the exam?
  9. by   AUN
    Hi Suzanne,I'm being honest with you .I'm not sure about I can be able to pass RN test .I heard in CA ,they expected higher score than other state .I plan to take the test and leave the training .If I fail then I will go back to Thailand and work at Bumrungrad or maybe Phuket international hospital for a year and then try to take CGFNS again sometime in BKK.
    What do you think?
  10. by   suzanne4
    It is the same score for all states, there isn't a difference between them. You either pass the NCLEX exam or you don't. If you don't pass and would like to come back and attend my school you are more than welcome to. We are on Sukhumvit, Soi 12-14, actually walking distance to Bumrungrad. And I can guarantee that you will pass after taking my course.

    Good luck on your exam. Please keep me posted.
  11. by   BJONEAL
    Taking test on 13th of April.Wish me luck !:hatparty:
  12. by   suzanne4
    You can do it!!!! :hatparty: :hatparty:

    Please keep us posted. Best of luck to you..................
  13. by   BJONEAL
    Hi, I'm so happy.I just got the great new today.I have passed NCLEX test and now officially RN wow! can't believe it.I thought I failed the test but I passed
    Don't know what to do now .Maybe wait for a month then