1. i have just finished one of my placements and they are with holding my CPA document, which i need to say i have passed my placement. I had permission from my uni to say i could have the last week off as carers leave as i have no one to look after my children whilst on placement. The placement was not happy with this and want to speak to uni. I have a feeling i will have to re do my placement. I dont know why the placement are so concerned cos it doesnt really affect them what my attendence is like. I have also had time off cos i was ill and uni know about that too.They said they will forward my document onto uni when they have spoken to them. Do they think i wont see it? My mentor has passed me on everything as far as i know but the ward sister i think may be adding some unwelcomed comments. At the end of the day my health and my children come first.
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  3. by   jevans
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    You will not have to do you placement again!!!!!! what you may have to do is make up the week you have lost.

    We have a system whereby you have to do so many days clinical in order to qualify, sickness or any other type of leave must be made up

    Good luck
  4. by   P_RN
    How different we are. When I was in Nursing in college (the first time back in the 60's), you had to go to the dean of women with a NOTE for an excused absence before you could return.

    When I left my last job, the students just didn't bother to show up for clinicals, and the instructors didn't seem to care one way or the other.

    Our students clinicals are arranged by the school and are done in a group usually 4-6 per unit. The unit really has no input at all in the assigning or clinical experience. That's up to the instructors.

    Do you in the UK have to arrange your own placements or does the school do that for you?
  5. by   uk_nurse
    Here in the uk the uni arrange our placements and we must do at least 75% of the placement inorder to pass that placement. I think my placement are just being a bit harsh. The manager is very hot on attendence, but as i'm in ADULT education then it would have been nice to be approached before going to uni and not treating me like a naughty school girl.

    Thanx jevans for your reply. I know i shouldnt need to make my placement up as i have done 75% attendence. But we shall wait and see.
  6. by   donmurray
    uk-nurse, over time this manager will probably have built up a history of such actions, and I'm sure the uni will take that into account as well