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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what a good song my class could use as we exit the pinning ceremony?? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks!:)... Read More

  1. by   Kim-rn

    I just graduated in December & here's what we did: We had a big candle lit throughout our pinning ceremony, and right before we said the "Nightingale Pledge", we played the song "Carry your candle". We each had a candle, and one person went down & lit her candle from the big candle, then she lit the candle of the person next to her, then we lit each other's candles down the rows while the song played. When the song was over, standing there with our candles lit, we said the Nightingale Pledge, then walked down the aisles carrying our candle. It was so special. Here's a link to the song--it also has the music, in case you're not familiar with the song:

    Good luck! I know you're excited!
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    Originally posted by Furball
    How about "I get knocked down...but I get up again" I think its by Smashmouth. Kinda symbolizes nursing school, for me at least.
    No, that song is by Chumbawumba (sp?). But aint it the truth?
  3. by   Furball
    hey! Thanks Kaknurse. I love that song.:roll
  4. by   Steved
    I would love to hear "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC as we exit our ceremony.
  5. by   LSRN
    We also played "I Believe I Can Fly" . I wish we had played something to honor our families and instructors. "Wind Beneath my Wings" is a great idea.
  6. by   Huganurse
    Steved: That's funny!!!
    The best advice I can give you on planning the pinning ceremony is to follow traditions and be democratic about other peoples ideas. Ask your fellow grads what they want then take a vote. I hope you have a committee for all of this work and planning. We were not allowed candles for our ceremony, something to do with fire codes, so we used pen lights with paper around the top to illuminate the "flame". We were not sure if it would work but the effect was beautiful and we all had a new pen light to boot! We lit our lights as we proceded in front, one at a time, off the light of our instructors just after we were pinned. It was very special and memorable. Also, get a proffessional videographer to tape the event. I still have mine all these years later and love to watch it and remember when.....
  7. by   LauraRN0501
    How about the Fleetwood Mac song (I can't remember the title)

    Don't stop thinking about tomorrow
    Don't stop, it'll soon be here
    It'll be better than before
    Yesterday's gone
    Yesterday's gone


    PS Can you tell how HAPPY I am to be out of nursing school??
  8. by   studentnurse_02
    thanks for everyone's suggestions! our class has some songs to vote on, i was just trying to get more! i think so far we have: "Survivor" -not sure which version-Destiny's Child or the old song, oh crap, my mind went blank! if i remember any more, i will post!! thanks again!
  9. by   BrandyBSN
    Survivor by destiny's child would be VERY appropriate

    Actually, i think we a walking out to Pacabel's Canon in D (sp?)

    but i like the idea of Survivor much better LOL

    BrandyBSN - 39 days till finals are over!
  10. by   shipslitehse
    Hey just thought i'd give one more suggestion. I graduated in August and the students had to do the entire pinning ceremony ourselves-the faculty had voted to discontinue it a year ago-anyway we played "I Hope You Dance" by Trisha Yearwood? As we marched out. Whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy-you've earned it!!!!
  11. by   studentnurse_02
    oh ya, i hope you dance (by Leean Womack) was another suggestion in our class! thanks for jogging my memory! i guess i have too much nursing knowledge stored up there to remember anything else!!
    How about, "At Last" by Etta James...I know it's also dated but it's a real sentimental classic. - Moe:kiss
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