Pinned and Capped???

  1. I have a question for you all. I am a PN graduate/RN student. I recently got pinned for PN. Some of my fellow students and I were discussing being capped during the pinning. It was just a thought, although I would really like to be "capped" at my RN pinning. I know the men wouldnt like this at all, but what is your opinion, ladies?? Bring back the nursing cap for pinning, or no?
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  3. by   Katnip
    We got pinned, but not capped. Nobody makes our school caps anymore because they require a special fluting iron. It would have been nice to have the caps for the ceremony, not that I'd every wear what amounts to a maids cap in lace to work. That's what our school caps looked like.
  4. by   Soon-to-be-NurseJess
    We added the black ribbon to our caps right before our ceremony and wore the cap for the ceremony. The 2 guys in our class just didn't wear caps. We all got pinned during the ceremony. It still looked just as good and was just as meaningful.
  5. by   following_faith
    In my PN program there was caps. In my RN program there is a candlelight thing with the full white uniforms, caps and all.
  6. by   Saoudishabiba
    We had caps and pins at our graduation ceremony. It was nice.
  7. by   TazziRN
    We had caps during our first year and finally got the admin staff to agree to get rid of them (had to wear them for clinical at the time), so we graduated with pins and candlelighting. The classes since then don't even have caps for ceremonies.
  8. by   P_RN
    We had neither. If we wanted a pin they said go to the student union bookstore. If we wanted a cap-go downtown to the uniform shop. This was in the mid 70s. I think it would have been nice though.
  9. by   mismissy69
    Well at my PN pinning ceremony we got pinned and at graduation we got hats. It was really nice and professional looking, but it went back into the box it came in when I came home. Im so glad that we dont have to wear these for our normal job, but I think the cap symbolizes nursing.
  10. by   NurseCard
    At my ceremony we got pinned and wore crisp, white uniforms (no smocks TG!), and carried candles but no caps. We wore caps for our pictures, though. Our caps look like little souffle cups.

    Our ceremony was beautiful, and I bawled just about the whole time. Don't ask me why; I was just so close with all the girls in my class (well, there was one guy but I couldn't stand him... still can't!), and it was all just so sweet and touching. To see my friends and their little kids come up on stage to help put their mommies' pins on. It was nice.