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I find this an interesting phrase and even more interesting is the strong reaction some nurses have to people they perceive as "nurse wannabes". There are wannabes in a lot of professions, actor,... Read More

  1. by   RN34TX
    What I've gotten over the years are a lot of patient's family members throwing their medical jargon around, looking up the lastest thing on WebMD and using it for intimidation purposes.

    This is nothing against unit clerks or others who are most definitely health care professionals in my eyes but are not nurses (because most I've worked with are not this way), but this is a prime example:

    A demanding daughter of a patient of mine kept throwing it around that she "works in ICU" at some bigshot level one trauma center in the city I was working in at the time.

    She made it very clear that I was just a lowly med/surg LPN at the time and I guess she thought she could intimidate me into following her every "order" with her "Well in the ICU we do it this way" rhetoric.

    She often could not understand why I did things in a certain way that were not to her liking and my rationales always seemed to give her a puzzled look so I knew something wasn't right.

    After screaming at me for shutting her mother's tube feed off for high residuals and demanding to know what residuals have to do with her mother's tube feedings, I realized there was no way in heck she could be a nurse of any kind let alone an ICU RN.

    Come to find out, she did indeed "work in the ICU" but she left out the part that she was a unit clerk, not a nurse, hence the lack of understanding about tube feedings and residuals among other things.
  2. by   lauralassie
    Guess it's like many other words. Depends on your preception of the word. I really havn't seen it used too much in threads but, depending on the topic of the thread I guess I would say ,just by the word alone, no topic to refrence it with, I would say it was a pre nursing student or nursing student. I would'nt say it was a bad thing in those terms, just means some one wants to be a nurse. The only thing that is missing in nurse wanna be is "i". Hence , I wanna be a nurse. That's as Marha Stewart would say is a good thing.,
  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from Jules A
    I understand how we've sacrificed and worked really hard to get whatever nurse title we have but would think its kind of unnecessary to be so worried about imposters.
    An imposter is a person who pretends to be somebody else mostly to try to gain financial or social advantages.

    Pretending to be somebody else to gain social advantages. That sums it up for me and I think it's not only illegal and unethical, it's dangerous. I like "nursegonnabe" that's awesome. People who refer to themselves as nurses are fools awaiting trouble.
  4. by   Indy
    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    People who refer to themselves as nurses are fools awaiting trouble.

    Yup, that definitely describes me on the days I go to work!