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I recently "wrote myself up" regarding an incorrect sliding scale dosage (due to poor doctor handwriting grrrr...but that's another thread!) The nurse that double checked the dosage also signed it. ... Read More

  1. by   bhart
    Incident Reports are protected as Peer Review Documents and are not discoverable.
  2. by   ratchit
    I've been told that incident reports are not released unless they are specifically requested. But that any smart malpractice lawyer requests them.

    I was told just this week that incident reports are viewable only to the state department of public health. If there is a complaint, the DPH can come look at it, but not take copies. No one else can even look at them, although the information on them will be shared. The risk manager said sometimes doctors will go storming down to risk management demanding to see the incident report in an attempt to see the signature so they know who reported them, but that they are not allowed to see the form, just told what was written.

    So the information is conflicting. Personally, I keep copies of incident reports I write to cover myself. If the offgoing nurse made an error tht affected how I treated a patient (wrong order on med sheet, IV insulin given with an order but with no follow up glucoscan for 3 hours (result: 20's)...) 8 pages to a doctor with no call back on a patient circling the drain... You bet I keep a copy of it. Things get "circular filed" sometimes. Does me no good to write it up and then not be able to prove management knew of problems.

    I keep copies but delete patient info beyond room and date. But I never tell people I do it. > And I'm speaking hypothetically and just kidding, of course.
  3. by   P_RN
    Not necessarily,

    .....The privacy rule does not grant individuals the right to see and copy incident reports and peer-review documents. How-ever, the privacy rule does not prohibit disclosures of incident reports and peer-review records "as required by other law"(i.e., discovery rules or common law may require such disclosures in some jurisdictions).A NONPROFIT AGENCY4ECRI AdvisoryFebruary 20012001 ECRI
  4. by   babsRN
    Thanks for the responses to my post about keeping a journal. I hope everyone knows not to mention an occurance report in your documentation...then the report could be discoverable by supoena. Be careful out there! b