Phenergan IV changes in policy - page 5

Have your hospitals recently changed their policy for IV Phenergan? Just this week I noticed that we now have to try 6.25mg first then 12.5mg, it has to be diluted in 20ml and given over 15 minutes.... Read More

  1. by   bradleau
    Giving Phenergan IM can cause tissue and nerve damage in some patients. It is also one of the MOST painful IM shots to receive along with Bentyl. The patient that gets this IM will get those horrible Knots, and lumps on their butts. Even if you give the shot with a Z twist and in the proper location (checking for no blood return). We are now required to dilute Phenergan in at least 10-20 cc and push over 2 min. This really ticks off the drug seeking zombies. I usually ask for Zofran from the docs. Less likely to make my older patients go crazy. Also there is a small population that has an adverse reaction to it. They get tremors, bugs crawling sensations, and all kinds of weird feelings. FYI we are now doing more Toradol especially when the chest pain is due to coughing, or overwork issues.....not cardiac issues. Works wonders. Better relief.
  2. by   all4schwa
    I found out why I dont see much Zofran where I work, protocol to automatically substitute orders with Anzemet. Cost reasons, I was told.