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  1. Hi everyone i'm trying to put a foot in the medical field door but in Ms there's not many options so if so one who is a pharmacy tech give me names of books and material i can study to take the test .

    thanks in advance
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I'm slightly confused. Have you taken the year-long pharmacy technician course at a local community college or technical school yet?
  4. by   Bala Shark
    Hi, I went to a community college to get an associates in Pharmacy Technician...Some states, you dont really have to have an education to become a Pharmacy Tech..But in California, you need to have the education to become licensed..Are you talking about the certification Pharmacy Tech test..I took that test, you can buy books from amazon or barnes and nobles website about the CPHT exam..I passed but the thing about it there is an 80% pass rate nation wide and that is quite high
  5. by   envynrse
    no Ms doesn't have a pharmacy tech class in community college where i stay but i have taken first semester lpn classes so i kind of know what to aspect down here we can just take the state board
  6. by   Bala Shark
    I am confused on what you are asking..Can you repeat what you are looking for? Is it LPN or pharm tech?
  7. by   envynrse
    no i have taken pharmacology for lpn i was saying that i know what to expect on math and classifacation and i wanted a book that is for pharmacy tech instead of searching and finding 70000 ect... books that don't have all the info in them that i need to study for so i wanted to know if someone had info on a book that has every thing in it for pharmacy tech
  8. by   RobCPhT
    Pharmacy coordinator/CPhT in Nursing school right now. I would reccomend tech series
    I have even used the one for IV admixture. They are great!
  9. by   envynrse
    thank you i will check this out