pharma book...plz help

  1. i m looking for a pharmacology book for a LVN student that has simple wordings in it and make easier to learn pharma ...may be it includes some flash cards or whatever to make you understand that info easily because the book i have its wordin is not very easy to understand most of the books use hard medical terms .please tell me which pharma book should i get...please i m thinking to take my NCLEX in 2-4 months and i still feel i dont know anything about pharma...please help me
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  3. by   Ace1Rnelp

    There's a lot of pharmacology books out there, but the school I am affiliated with uses this one:

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  4. by   pagandeva2000

    This is part of a series called LPN Threads, where most of their textbooks are straight to the point with no fancy words to confuse. I happened to discover this book while searching around and eventually, I started purchasing several books from this thread series that served me very well.
  5. by   seaspray700777
    I Took Pharm this last spring for my R.N. and I used the"Core Concepts of Pharmacology" with the authors "Norman and Holland. It was GREAT! made it easy because of the way it was set up. The pictures made it come alive for me. I even closed my HOLE"S Anatomy and Phsiology book and used this sometimes for my A&P II exams. It just made it easier for me. Hope this helps!
  6. by   Penguin67
    In addition to what the above posters recommended, I would recommend investing in a good medical dictionary, Mosby's is my favorite one. That way, when you encounter an unfamiliar medical term, you can look it up and often see a photo of it as well. You can't avoid the medical terms, as they will be there on your nursing exams, on NCLEX and in your career. Good luck!